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2009, " business magazine " (INC Magazine) Yashenlan technical company (Ashland Technologies Inc.

) judge Ni Yazhou of standard of the evening that it is guest to grow the fastest manufacturer and United States fiftieth the manufacturer with 5 the rapiddest development. Afore-mentioned ranks are a foundation with growing to the income 2008 2005. During this, yashenlan's increase rate is door live, can fail otherwise. 218.

4 % . Assorted orchid held water 1996. 2007, the company removes to hope to Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard Jin Si city covers an area of an area for 46, 000 square foot place. Arrange of this with one action makes the company widened service limits, improved productivity. Bill Wydra is company president. His setting and special skill depend on selling, machine of and rather than is machined. What he does not intervene the factory concerns machinery and operation respect is decision-making. Why to plant about buying equipment such decision-making make by the production group of factory workshop. Wydra defines his part so to production group, he says: "I take work, you are in charge of working. " Yashenlan is run according to industry pattern. Normally the factory is built by the outstanding machinist inside the industry, but they do not have time, also build a business around skill of its core major without proper skill. Wydra says: "Of most factory the most large-scale control in 8 employee, the range that because this is them,can manage effectively. But we are different, because we are had,one comes to the factory as the enterprise the administrative group of operation. This are great to client and employee meaning. " " a lot of factories are creating a field very outstanding, but they were not aimed at the business, front that faces the market, " Woerdu consults a company (Walton Consultants) president, also be Yashenlan at the same time the tall of long-term business adviser - Woerdu (Joe Walton) say, "Be in personally among global market, the factory must want to be able to take new business, is not only support former some, or present client lives, otherwise they can fail. " Yashenlan's employee is planted from this the benefit in company method, because pass management, the system of the obstacle that removes ability of all sorts of derogation staff job and program very reach the designated position. Wydra says: "We are a center with the client. Once learn the client's demand, the machine tool that lets oneself satisfies these requirement, perhaps buy the new facility that can satisfy these requirement instantly. For example, begin to make the musket that comprises by 27 components when us previously when, every batch delivers 50 parts to the client, undertake assembly by the client. This kind of practice is put in a few problems, because the client is periodic because of assembling exercise ground bear is overweight. Now, we with ' odd stream ' means makes a component, send complete musket to cover to the client everyday. This kind of change on the operation removed main obstacle for our client, enhanced them to realize stability and the capacity that sell reliably, and increased our bilateral cash flow greatly. " the cause that changes because of fair Sineibuwen, all employee pay close attention to client service jointly. Carry activity of the gam outside constant communication and frequent plant area, yashenlan is in its formed strong group drive among 38 employee. Client and employee had made Yashenlan realises his company distant view clearly, arrive namely 2020, in other 20 areas duplicate the productivity of factory of rare Jin Si. These manufacturers will be the reprint of current plant completely; All machine tools will identical, even tool drawer just the same. Wydra explanation says, "The facility that owns same brand in each district conduces to a standard our groom, attemper neatly, and can make we invest employ the interior of all equipment maintains a hep outside and in technical personnel. All cost bottom lines that these give client and ourselves will bring sizable profit. " all employee are participated in creat the target of this rich great ambition. The company is being mixed in Orlando now Luo Li - the opportunity that amounts to the area that strap Mu to build a plant undertakes investigating. These areas have appeal, because they are right,be of the company core client base -- amusement park / sport plane and food service line of business, belong to strategical place. Xijinsisheng produces a plant is " one-stop " provider, offer all products that place of its core market wants. Its equipment includes large-scale treatment, make, assemble and nap establishment. Recently, the company installed 23.

5 feet long pulverous spray table. Production manager Roger Strohecker says: "Through be in a company interior forms ability of this kind of pulverous spray, we can provide all-around service, make Yashenlan can be those seeking ' one-stop the factory of the service ' with satisfying its the client of overall demand offers simple solution " . Yashenlan is the main manufacturer of ligneous switchback car. Wydra says: "Every switchback includes to make an appointment with 1, 600 components, before deliver goods, must undertake treatment, nap to each component, make, pulverous spray, assemble and examine. If we are done not have ' one-stop service ' ability, we cannot be finished absolutely this. " a lot of factories are creating a field very outstanding, but they were not aimed at the business, front that faces the market. Be in personally among global market, the factory must want to be able to take new business, is not only support former some, or present client lives, can fail otherwise. The capacity that be made completely inside the factory and assembles a product saved manufacturing time and cost greatly. "We deliver complete product and the in part that package wants time to be competitor place to need time only, " Wydra says, "And, because eliminated the component related to outside supplier to carry this one body, the carriage cost related us was reduced 334% . " Yashenlan still was bought be not the device that using all the time. This kind " superfluous produce can " the circumstance that strategy makes the company can handle workload to rise quickly, and can make quick response to client demand. This is one of accounts that the company can acquire this kind of remarkable growth: Arrive from 2007 2008, the service income of the company broke up one time. Service income -- the charge of the labor cost collection that leaves pair of a certain project in the circumstance that takes no account of raw material cost namely -- it is the criterion that the company measures its profit margin. Of this kind of appreciation those who measure measure attention is its personnel and the efficiency of production working procedure and benefit. The factory of Wydra and other a lot of plants are same, also had experienced periodic workload to add the process that tries to reach drop off quickly, and place a place of strategic importance to what cannot expect because of the will new assembly that machines first attemper the watch is medium and face a challenge. Because their target is,grow considerably continuously, the solution that thinks new to client and the part that machine first had been found is very crucial. To solve this problem, they established to deserve to have special device and stuff, independent development group. Now, receive live to be meet the have enough to meet need between work period not be any more 4 go to 5 weeks, this group has ordered goods the new assembly that machines first the time between best friend goods shortens for 4 to 5 days. When this treatment repeats alive, another independent production group that makes by supervisor will get involved among them, determine the production course of the the most effective, most managing cost, in order to reduce setting time and cycle. They say for " design / engineering group " the 2nd action is be opposite for the client " production design " undertake checkup. This group undertakes an analysis to the client's product from machine treatment and production point of view, put forward a design to change an opinion in order to raise producibility. Its are as a result greatly managing cost, make its client becomes have competition ability more. Design / the 3rd duty of engineering group is to be a client to offer all-around the products plan of the service. For example, wydra is in Hawaiian when having honeymoon, the client platoon before discovering an outdoors and fastfood booth is waiting to order Puka hot dog into cue -- the hot dog of a kind of Hawaiian styles. He and booth advocate the distinct possibility that discussed business to increase, offer by Yashenlan from 0 begin, to booth advocate provide the service that makes hot dog grill. From on napkin draw begins, the new grill that final Yashenlan designs is OK now every 15 seconds of cooking give two perfect hot dog that bake. Spread out now advocate the concessionary right of administration that hopes to acquire this kind of product, initiated 15 designs project again thereby, include a contractible scale, grill that applies to small booth among them. This is the design of the sale skill of Wydra and Yashenlan and productivity clasp, extend the business of its oneself not only, and a when extend client business paradigmatic. Although develop a group to need many capital,with be being used at buying its special device reachs much three-dimensional patternmaking software, but the profit margin that it promoted Yashenlan, competition ability and client service level. Wydra says, "Our credo is, through giving full cooperation with the client, enhance their competition ability as far as possible, at the same time we also can win get one's own back in the future. " Ash-Tec Employees Benefit From This Business Approach Because Management Has Put In Place The Systems And Procedures That Remove Every Obstacle That Detracts From An Employee ' S Ability To Do His Or Her Job.

"We Are Customer Centric, " Wydra Explained.

"Once We Understand A Customer ' S Needs, we Make Our Machines Fit Those Needs Or Immediately Buy New Equipment That Does.

For Example, when We Started Manufacturing A Rifle Comprised Of 27 Different Parts We Would Deliver A Batch Set Of Fifty Parts At A Time To The Customer For Assembly.

This Created Problems Because The Customer Would Periodically Be Overloaded By The Assembly Operation.

Now, we Manufacture The Components In A Onepiece- Flow Manner To Deliver Complete Rifle Kits To Them On A Daily Basis.

This Change In Operations Eliminated A Major Problem For Our Customer, increased Their Ability To Have Steady, reliable Sales And Greatly Increased Cash Flow For Both Companies.

Reliable Sales And Greatly Increased Cash Flow For Both Companies.. CNC Milling