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Laser hits mark to becoming the protagonist of the technology that make bid quickly, it is OK to be in each almost can see laser makes bid on conceivable product. Draw out draw out a pocket to look, catenary of mobile phone, pen, key -- it is to use what laser makes bid -- even the button on your shirt is such. But, these are monochromatic makes bid, although have practical, lack the element that can bring more aesthetic feeling to the product however -- colour. The concept that use laser has color makes bid is not achieve newly. Actually, in January 1999 " Industrial Laser Solutions " the cover of the magazine showed a piece of picture about certain niobium bowl high-keyly, these niobium bowls are undertaken with laser by Ann Marie Carey color makes bid namely, the adornment technology that she invented industrial metal parts of an apparatus and gem (see a picture 1) . Since then, more and more people produced application to generate interest to illuminative of this kind of product. Consumable production business is being searched can make the technology making bid of their product extraordinary, colour is the most crucial divisional essential factor. In the past, the chromatic coating on the metal comes true through using in relief poling, of the oxidation layer that reaction of strict pilot chemistry produces form can arise a series of colour. Oxidation layer serves as optical coating, acted the part that interferes film, the color that it produces depends on the ply of oxidation layer. The application of local laser energy can realize controllable oxidation to grow, accordingly, color hits mark and in relief poling is to be based on same principle, because come from different point of view,observe colour to be able to produce very little change only. Below certain circumstance, surface layer structure can affect colour. Rough surface and the leftover line that the flow that make bid produces can affect colorific vision result. If the interval of line is clear, can form dazzling diffractive grating effect. If you observe these line from perpendicular angle, this kind of effect is met very apparent; Tilt sample to be able to produce the result of rainbow. If observe along as parallel as line direction, cannot see this kind of colorific alternates. Close together removed dot can produce similar diffractive result, can observe from perpendicular angle this is planted the effect. Input of strict control caloric is crucial to forming these colour. In 1.

06 M and Nd:Y is used in the duple, 3 times application with fourfold frequencyAG laser and Nd:YVO4 laser. In frequency, speed and energy level different condition falls, acting the capacity that controls laser is the key that achieves this kind of optimal result. Latter, of fiber-optic laser introduce make a kind of new application tool appears on the market. SPI Laser direct modulation is fiber-optic pulse laser undertakes on the metal color makes bid, show muti_function character. We can be in successive wave (CW) make this kind of laser to the pulse frequency have drills of 500 KHz; From the point of this, it compares laser of traditional tone Q pulse to have flexibility more, and rise in what functional respect had saltant sex (see a picture 2) . Besides average energy and travelling speed, focus and orbit jackknife, energy of the pulse frequency with bigger span, pulse and power of pulse peak value can are united in wedlock to use, the optimization that this makes bid to color and the effect with having main to its control. The stuff that fits color to make bid includes stainless steel, titanium, chromium alloy board and niobium. Grade of material and surface are bright and clean degree, the ply of material fights each other bid process can produce an effect. In coarse cobbly apparently, lay harmonious color very hard, ascribe arrives from protuberant part cave partial difference is more than the deepness that can produce oxide. And in polish of essence of life apparently, colour criterion will be more consistent. Nextpage plays effect of mark be heated as a result of color, the ply of material has very big effect to this working procedure. Thick material has very strong hot adsorptive sex, but thin profile makings can get the injury of a variety of hot effects. Caloric accumulates what can bring about a product to be out of shape with colorific gradual change. To thin profile makings, must mix to the quantity of heat of the input medicinal powder heat undertakes be controllinged strictly, in order to achieve optimal result. In this one domain, first job holds titanium metal is one kind is hit more easily relatively bid can produce bright colorific material, but, the applied business opportunity of this kind of material is more finite, because be in consumable market the use to titanium gem of bureau be confined to and high end of top class watch make. The use of stainless steel is more extensive, such as mobile phone, camera and individual high fidelity phonic resembling product. The fiber-optic laser of high repetition rate, can hit line out to make a person exclamatory colour board (see a picture 3) . Change through highlighting the product objective with mark and more overall implementation to make, increase the value of gift likely. To many building application, this technology can apply what act the role of at the predestined relationship to make in (see a picture 4) . We discover plating chromic article can undertake color makes bid likewise, and some tools had been hit now mark. Fall in low pulse frequency however, colour sort is finite, basically be straw color and golden yellow. Increase frequency 250kHz above, can form diversiform tonal, started new business chance. Put in more practical color to make bid really, for example, decorate in the bathroom in, the color on conduit hits mark to want already beautiful, should have again practical, so that indicate hot water and cold water. Although had used monochromatic or color now,plastic and built-in implementation distinguishs, but the result that laser color makes bid will be better. Crucial is, this sort laser is had when complete laser power distinctive tall repeat frequency sex. Without tone Q means the limitation that did not move Q. The unique structure of fiber-optic laser and diode of riverside of direct modulation pump makes the average power of 20W of fulfil the quota of this laser can maintain 500kHz all the time; It won't produce conflict with other laser technology, won't form dead band. Below the frequency of 500kHz, still can achieve 40 J, this conduces to color making bid, the multiple temperature drift that leads the each part to realizing base because of low pulse energy and tall jackknife is must. Be strengthened so and decorated surface layer oxidation, play a series of effects of the optics of mark and exterior chemistry in order to build a laser color. The industry that lists a special typical case makes mark laser, the camera lens of use 163mm focal length and relatively measurable enlarge 3.

The laser of 7 times bundle. In the diameter 3.

1mm beam of light and M2 are 1.

The condition of 8 falls to form the stain of 30 M size very easily. Particularly, we need a kind to be less than 100 J and jackknife rate to be more than the low pulse energy of 90% , make the surface heats enough high temperature, produce coloring result thereby. Laser of MOPA of SPI Laser direct modulation can achieve 80 J below 250kHz. Another kind of way that can offer an alternative is gray scale, carry out brown color more likely on stainless steel rank make bid. Make bid as the color below certain condition, we can control oxidation rate of the surface, those who form a series of making that the person is impressive is brown with aureate shadow (see a picture 5) . To all hitting for mark, become apparent learns composition and exterior structure to be changed effectively. In great majority application this is not the a bit of attention most worth while, but be in slashing or below complex environment, make bid fight corrode the effect to need to evaluate. Author Jack Gabzdyl holds the post of business to extend a manager in SPl Lasers company, his email address: Jack.


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