Insert mill: Efficient milling new way

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The new technology of the innovation of cutting tool and CAM process designing makes the technology that insert mill becomes a kind of more popular treatment method. Generally speaking, the technology that insert mill is the method of a kind of treatment in domain of rough machining application all the time. In using modern technology to have the process of rough machining, can a lot of kinds of methods finish the rough machining to a workpiece, include from what use common method " Z " the level is machined (use low feed rate, cutting deepness is big) to high speed / tall feed method (use cutting deepness small, tall feed speed) treatment. Because process designing, power is used up,wait for a variety of reasons, connecting general reason condition to fall, prove to disable when other method only or appear when the problem, just can turn and use the technology that insert mill. New technology of newest cutting tool innovation and CAM process designing makes the technology that insert mill becomes a kind of more popular treatment method, machine on vintage machine tool especially, because this kind of machine tool lacks the function of operation of high speed feed. The main problem that in inserting the CAM process designing of mill to insert mill to machine, encounters is process designing. Inserting what mill uses method of the cutting tool in the domain to generate is expatiatory and insipid process, because package of major CAM software lacks the option that suits an user, the faculty that includes to get used to all sorts of workpiece geometry appearance (2D, 3D) with the ability that gets used to each type milling cutter (flank cutting, center cutting) . Flank inserts mill a main process designing technique is the corner that cuts the bottom of place to be able to produce some kind of form in each to systole (if pursue 1) . Should bring to bear on at transverse the active force that cuts pushs his from the spare parts when, this one horn becomes very necessary to systole. What situation will produce possibly next so? Set bit to be able to appear to systole without this one horn problem, because leave the meeting when the spare parts and work quickly when cutting tool,produce mutual interference. The improvement that cutting tool designs is in domain of application of side direction cutting, bring to bear on to will make at the active force on cutting tool cutting tool is pushed from workpiece. The deflection quantity of cutting tool depends on a variety of elements: Be like the tigidity of speed of feed deepness, feed and machine tool. Cutting tool and the geometrical figure that set bit also will affect these active force greatly, a this is cutting tool of cutting of new-style side direction newest improve. The suppress that complex carbide hard alloy sets bit shapes craft, created a condition to develop new-style milling cutter, the cutting power that uses this kind of milling cutter to make its use is lesser, because this reduced the deflection error of cutting tool. Below major case, use this kind of new technology not to need in every everything makes 45 ° shrink back into the bottom of place horn, and process designing is more easy also, because this can allow a machine tool,getting the order that the thing uses to be typed first when cutting treatment (G81, G85) , special agree with treatment of simple graph of double workpiece geometry. Of course, in machining a process, also arise inevitably certain curve force, and when contractive motion, set bit to be able to be contacted a few material. Because this answers to increase on lead horn deputy hind horn, this is helpful for cutting tool / set bit to be able to be handled in contractive process a few material. The advantage that inserts mill processes work to bottom from coping according to certain time interval (for example " Z " horizontal rough machining) it is rough machining in the center a kind of method that uses the most generally. Recently, can have high speed / the machine tool that feed machines and cutting tool rose " Z " the manufacturing efficiency of horizontal rough machining. Restricted a machine tool when the clamp method of the geometrical appearance of workpiece, machine tool or workpiece when constant high speed feed operates ability (occasionally its operate feed speed to be able to achieve 200~300in/min) , use this kind of method to be able to have certain limitation. Should produce above when a kind of any circumstances, use insert mill to reveal with respect to conference put oneself in another's position the following each advantage: 1.

Feed amount is constant and fixed when using Z level to machine a method, the bear that cut bits (IPT) as radial and the change that axial contacts a circumstance increase and decrease. When using transverse cutting to machine, although radial contact and span can produce a few change, but still can carry the negative charge that cut bits constant and changeless. 2.

Optimize cutting tool method generally speaking, if machine a method to compare with Z level, the treatment that insert mill is a kind of more direct treatment method, the movement that machines specific area place to need is less (treatment is linear inch) . When the situation that should encounter direction of axis of the X with changeful need, Y to machine (machine the recess that contains pillar for example) , this will make a kind of special case. 3.

Optimize a machine tool to insert mill to machine can with relatively inferior feed speed (it is 50r/min above commonly) the treatment material with much cutting. This treatment method is vintage to using the job shops of the machine tool, the cutting speed of its metal is OK rival with the posture of newer machine tool that adopts high speed to machine a method, exceed these newer machine tools even sometimes. Handle condition of discontinuous type cutting to be below a lot of circumstances, when coming up against condition of discontinuous type cutting, can force people to reduce cutting parameter, cut bits to cause with decrease or be being eliminated set bit burst. Insert mill to appear more be helpful for satisfying these requirements, and achieve more stable result. In cutting process, all these should age the method of cutting of ascribe material axial and every place is retentive constant the bear that cut bits. The processing of cutting force inserts the axial force of mill to allow to use puissant treatment to operate parameter commonly, what need not pay close attention to workpiece overly is mobile. The advanced new-style cutting tool that squelchs the technology can reduce cutting force for development created a condition, the design of this kind of cutting tool is stronger, can use the carbide raw material of production cutting tool better, but managing capital. Job shops is in after learning transverse cutting processing technique generally, can mix according to all sorts of application domains material, with older metallic cutting rate, improve their work efficiency, and the productivity that improves vintage machine tool. CNC Milling