EMAG: With the car era grinds the new option with efficient practical economy

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In traditional treatment method, turning just uses the rough machining before undertaking quenching, and go up in the finish machining of the spare parts, general meeting chooses grinder, the surface that so that achieve,asks higher is bright and clean degree. Although be in 20 centuries 80, 90 time, the finish machining after quenching still can use grinding technology only, and the work that turning also can process hardness to not be more than HRC55 only, this goes up secondhand caused grinder to be opposite of spare parts finish machining " forestall " position, the result brings about: Grinder not only the price is high, manufacturing cost is high, and efficiency is slower also. Accordingly, come for years, people considers to improve ceaselessly, the hope can find out better treatment method. Here the requirement falls, in last few years, improve as tigidity of technology of material of tall hardness cutting tool, coating and machine tool structure ceaselessly, if use cutting tool of CBN cutting tool, pottery and porcelain to be in new-style lathe or in tigidity turning makes wait to hard steel of temper by dipping in water on higher turning machining center, the result obtained first-rate treatment result, its machine quality to be able to reach the level that essence of life grinds, this is in abroad in recent years namely extraordinary popularity and practical " with the car era is ground " technology, also namely hard turning. Current, the hardness limit of turning can achieve HRC68, the developed country waits in Germany, hard trick-cycling art already was applied generally, hard turning is regarding a kind of economy that replaces grinding as practical method gaining ground. Regard Germany as well-known company, dust mark (EMAG) the group is in gear, hub, turn to a section to wait dish respect of kind of spare parts treatment is innovation of ceaseless all the time pursuit, efficient, center of turning of its convert type not only the whole world is unique, and the research that its are grinding craft respect with car generation and attainment also are the first of all, among them EMAG VL3, VL5 and VSC series are mixed in successive cutting interrupted cutting respect can come true to be ground with car generation, be approbated generally and use extensively what got domestic and international numerous client. 1 efficiency is tall, the surface is bright and clean had spent compare with grinding photograph, with the car era grinds a technology to have taller treatment efficiency than grinding. In hard turning, often use big cutting deepness, high workpiece rotate speed, the 3 ~ that rate of its metal excision is grinding treatment normally 4 times, the energy that wastes has the 1/5 of grinding only however. In addition, in grinder treatment, of emery wheel change to need 30 minutes commonly or longer, and of lathe of EMAG VL series, VSC series change a knife to be able to be finished in the instant, and do not need amend outline of emery wheel cutting, did not change, the produces time loss with correction indispensible emery wheel, the utilization rate of the machine tool wants tall, efficiency can come quickly 3 times what grinding machines. Falling relative to higher feed rate, grinding is attainable good appearance is bright and clean degree, but it is OK that with the car era grinds a technology with taller metal excision rate gains coequal or similar face bright and clean degree, in the meantime, in hard turning, major quantity of heat of production is taken away by cutting, won't produce the exterior burn that machines like grinding and crackle, have good treatment surface quality and treatment surface precision. System of makings of 2 automatic fluctuation, be in when quick province dust mark grinds treatment with car generation in, every machine tool is unit of a production, workpiece is placed in arris send to fluctuation makings to be versed in by annular conveyer belt inside form wearing. Next makings are versed in on what machining an area is rear, can take out finished product in machine tool ahead at any time put wool blank, save artificial time. In addition, when workpiece breed changes, need to change the variable with NC corresponding subprogram only, control data input the system next can, accordingly, conveyer belt of NC numerical control also need not transhipment of through cargo, craft is more handy. And in general grinding, grinder should realize automatic fluctuation to expect, must match manipulator, raise cost not only, and troubled take time. 3 workpiece change form wearing designs the arris on more convenient conveyer belt not only simple, and very address, use it, can go easily simply the ground carries volume each different, appearance has different, diameter other most work, when because this is in,processing different work also need not transhipment of through cargo. In the meantime, next makings on float type are versed in a belt open circuit system, when main shaft pays work, the machine tool stops automatically machine in order to prevent attaint machine tool. If workpiece is worn in arris form go up to did not put appropriate, be versed in when makings of fluctuation be reachinged by carry when, the machine tool stops automatically through stopping switch urgently machine, after taking out this work, next makings are versed in on restore again former. Machining asymmetrical, long and thin when reaching the work that needs directional treatment, should wear in arris form only inside add install a workpiece to locate clamping apparatus or tray can solve a problem. Adopt these measure, what raised workpiece to carry a system greatly is flexible, make it can assemble and unassemble automatically carry a large number of work. Nextpage     4 installation cost are little, manufacturing cost is low in manufacturing efficiency same situation falls, the investment of lathe takes grinding machine only 1/5 the left and right sides, and support system fare is lower. Grinding needs for many times to install or multitask foreword is produced, under photograph comparing, lathe itself is a kind of size range of pipe bent very wide flexible machine a method, be produced to the much breed small lot such as gear, hub especially and character, use CNC lathe, a variety of cutting tool rotary table that use its to deploy or knife library, hard turning but need not add other and special equipment again, realize the treatment changeover between a variety of different workpiece easily, and workpiece outfit mix is fast, exact. Compare with grinding photograph, because deserve to have knife library, turning treatment holds clip achievable a variety of surface treatment, if the aperture inside the circle outside the car, car, recessing or section are waited a moment, do not have consequently stay the auxiliary time such as machine, treatment surface precision is taller also. In the meantime, because EMAG VL series and VSC7 are in Jiangsu too the storehouse is produced, be opposite consequently for domestic client, produce business than other abroad for, its produce cost to fall greatly; And for business of opposite country production, the industrial tradition with deep Germany of have the aid of and Aimakeji are round technical experience of nearly 150 years is accumulated, its produce efficiency and Yao of exterior quality Dou Yao to precede. 5 finished cost are low, safeguard convenient, clean environmental protection is in turning treatment, what people often sees is cutting tool use up, when undertaking hard turning especially, the cost that a lot of people think hard turning is machined is relative taller, actually otherwise, as the wide application of technology of material of cutting tool of tall hard try out, coating, the cutting tool cost of hard turning is reduced greatly, efficiency of cutting tool cutting, surface machines quality and cutting tool life to increase apparently however. And in grinding treatment, use up it is cutting tool not just absolutely, still include emery wheel, amend annulus, grinding oil, filter device and fire prevention device, the spends the cutting tool in be more than hard turning far cost of these device. Dry cutting is used when good car, and grinding must use wet cutting. It is so in grinding treatment, no matter be grinding oil or cooling fluid, can mix to the life of cutting tool exterior quality brings adverse effect, still can cause mechanical wear, shorten cutting tool life, and these liquids are mixed extremely easily to working environment of the worker healthy bring a harm, also face the problem that tackles waste liquid and environmental protection at the same time. And with the car era is ground can avoid these problems well, hard turning is to connect associate workpiece to go up " pare " of bate cut bits to come effectively purify metal, consequently but the unit that leave out and cooling fluid concern, reduced manufacturing cost not only, simplify manufacturing system, and the environment cutting bits that formed environmental protection of dry defecate clean, reclaim easily processing. 6 dust how is mark to accomplish? Dust mark (EMAG) series of turning center VL and VSC series serve as dust the outstanding delegate that mark grinds a technology with car generation, can machine a diameter to be less than 400mm all sorts of dish kind of spare parts, have outstanding surface to machine not only quality, bright and clean degree tall, and treatment efficiency more get the better of one prepare, rate is very rapid, and automation degree is far also outclass is other the congener machine tool of the manufacturer. And all these idiosyncratic birth all originate dust mark is a lot of and banner at the industry the outstanding technology of one pace and machine tool design achievement. (1) use scagliola lathe bed to design, damping function and thermal stability are first-rate. Dust mark VL series and VSC series used mould of advanced and mineral makings and become automobile body, compare with photograph of casting pig lathe bed, 6-8 of damping effect tower above times, balance of lathe bed static trends is outstanding, thermal stability can be excellent, compare with the lathe bed photograph of traditional material, the surface of the product is bright and clean had spent, cutting tool life is longer. The machine tool uses bridge-type frame structure, wear slip installation high to bearing the weight of in lathe bed upper part vertical main shaft, get power so very even, rigid and admirable. The frigorific aircrew of two loop can make machine tool temperature and environmental temperature keep very adjacent, eliminated the precision error that fluctuate because of temperature and causes thereby. (2) the machine tool design that uses handstand formula, platoon bits is very convenient, and the important part such as ark of tower of the electric machinery of feet of the slideway of the machine tool, grating, main shaft, main shaft that takes sleeve, knife, electric equipment is working the upper part of the area, fall bits is gadarene, won't get the influence of scrap, be opposite consequently of cutting tool life rise reach product surface is bright and clean spend and geometrical dimension is very helpful. (3) the machine tool deployed system of automatic fluctuation makings, reduced the intensity of artificial operation and error, reduced investment cost. (4) the main shaft power of the machine tool and torque are very big, accordingly this machine tool can do rough machining already, also can do precision work, already can good car, also can make soft car, and the requirement that can satisfy quality of high accuracy, fast face. 7 approach " with the car era is ground " grinder is chosen to undertake machining to graphic representation spare parts before   user. The VL5 machine tool that should be informed EMAG " with the car era is ground " after craft, use up through comparing installation cost, daily production, treatment efficiency with all possible means element autograph, the user chose the VL5 of EMAG finally, the result achieves expectant appearance to machine quality requirement not only, aperture diameter public errand achieves Cmk1 inside.

67 above. And improve treatment efficiency one times much, huge reduced workpiece cost. Dust the aperture inside the gear that series of mark VL, VSC machines not only dimension precision is tall, the surface is bright and clean, restrict the investment cost of half above with season. About dust mark machine tool (too storehouse) the company that limited company has 142 years of histories as, the group has become Aimakeji the machine tool enterprise that a whole world fixes eyes upon, from 1992 dust the center of convert type turning that mark rolls out on the world first to finish fluctuation to expect by main shaft, dust the typical delegate that mark has become domain of international machine tool to dare to innovate. Dust the machine tool of mark enters China to already had 20 old histories. Entered in November 2004 too storehouse, hold water dust mark machine tool (too storehouse) limited company, basically produce center of turning of type of VL series convert, this is Aimakeji after round afterwards Europe, North America, be in the 4th plant that builds outside mainland, also be first plant that opens in Asian area. Besides too storehouse outside the factory, dust mark still is in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou to set agency of sale kimono Wu, and maintaining close cooperation with acting company concern. CNC Milling