Digitlization makes a technology promote products plan the standard

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Before digitlization makes circuit 10 years, people still is talking a CIMS (the feasibility of CIMS) , practical nowadays computer is compositive production technology (also say digitlization makes a technology) in already was accepted by more and more company place and applying production to carry out. From the exterior of the product, structure and function are designed, mix to the CAD make (CAD/CAM) , fast shape to be assisted with the computer detect, digitlization makes a technology showing its boundless harmonious strength to people. Will tell commonly, the computer that digitlizes production technology to basically include a product assists industry to design (Computer Aided Industrial Design, or CAID) , CAD and make (Computer Aided Design And Computer Aided Manufacturing, or CAD/ CAM) , fast shape (Rapid Prototyping, or RP) , 3 coordinate are measured and the computer is assisted detect, a few big core such as CNC Machining. The article sets out from actual application, brief introduction is the basic idea of each main core technology, commonly used method and tool. The computer assists industry to design (CAID) computer assists industry to design (CAID) develops flourishingly in the last few years, especially our country develops littoral the industry growth such as the small home appliance of the area, dynamoelectric tool is very rapid, because increasingly intense competition environment forces an enterprise to walk out of the product of pure me-too tradition to develop way,this basically is, make the enterprise realises, want to occupy position in the market, the product must have his distinguishing feature, will win a client through advanced design, have price war blindly no longer. And China joined WTO to accelerate this one process. The scope that industry designs is wide. Broad sense is told, include design of industrial products plan, environment and vision to communicate a design; Narrow sense is told, point to the design of all industrial products that produce by mechanization batch. The design of the respect such as the function that it includes pair of industry products not only, structure, material, craft and configuration, colour, finishing, adornment, at the same time even from the society, of economy, of the technology, the artistic each respect element that reachs a person undertakes be handlinged integratedly, make modern industry product accords with the corporeal demand that the society expands ceaselessly already thereby, still satisfy the mental requirement of people at the same time. Because this industry design is human science and technology, socioeconomy, aesthetic art integrated and organic and unified creativity activity, it is modern science and technology and the product that human culture art develops, also be a of industrial times burgeoning science. And the computer assists industry to design is to show with the computer the technology is auxiliary method to undertake the art of the product changes industry to design, the design of the respect such as treatment of the material that basically is the industrial product that points to pair of batch production, exterior, colour, structure, surface works. The glamour that industry designs is in even if innovation, innovation, innovate again. Only ceaseless innovation design just can have perpetual market and profit of ceaseless high specified number; These the industry grew report of year of the state in coming world each district, the action that industry of profit from of all without exception designs. The common procedure of CAID has effect of design of draft of idea of market research, product, color to pursue design, three-dimensional the effect pursues design, three-dimensional part drawing of modelling design, product and technical interpellate. The main tool that uses includes: Alias, CorelDraw, 3DMAX, Pro/CDRS. Graph 1 converse with to blueprint 2 converse projects are average flow CAD and make (CAD/CAM) CAD (CAD) applies in our country earlier, inchoate and main it is to use computer plot technology to replace original manual cartography, to 20 centuries 2 dimension design 90 time of 80 ~ to be replaced by three-dimensional design gradually. CAM (CAM) criterion progress is slower, closely related this and the development that digitlize processing technique. In recent years, be in our country, wait for an area in Jiang Zhe, Hua Na especially, below the support of local government, CNC Machining ability grows in the twice in going a few years. The CAD that is core with CNC Machining center and relevant software and make (CAD/CAM) gets rapidder development in our country, promoted local productivity greatly rise. Today, CAD and CAM are inseparable already, in a lot of domains especially mould course of study, because its are odd or the characteristic that small lot machines, the dominant position that uses CAD/CAM technology to have production is very clear. CAD/CAM basically is to point to use method of advanced computer soft hardware to have a product design of three-dimensional model, structure, assemble emulate, treatment is emulated, CNC Machining process designing, among them the three-dimensional model of the product is a foundation, from CAD three-dimensional model arrives of CNC Machining program generate do not require artificial intervention normally, can arise automatically by CAM software. The design has the three-dimensional model of the product to be being mixed to the design normally converse design two kinds (graph 1) . to the design it is the design that shows the understanding that treats development product idea through the engineer will have a product, arrive by the concept namely blueprint or the process that figure word model. With the product differring to the design, converse project is from already product or objective model set out, try a product instead original design parameter, the design that has a product on this foundation is developed (graph 2) . Converse project can shorten greatly not only the development cycle of the product, reduce a product to develop cost, still can realize a lot of problems that can not solving to the design, if the appearance of certain product is very special, its maths model special limit hard, solve with Ke Yingren of converse square law. to the design cultured is originality, development cycle is normally longer; Converse design is faster, can implement the products plan that cannot implementing to the design commonly, be pair of successful products only sometimes is duplicate, development cost is general and inferior. At present the most commonly used CAD/CAM designs a tool to have: UG, Pro/E, CATIA, Power-SHAPE/ PowerMILL. Among them UG, Pro/E application is more general, and CATIA shows ascendant trend in recent years in the application of domain of aviation, auto industry. To converse design character, if measure a method,be measured for simple handiwork or general 3 coordinate are measured machine (CMM) , income data is less (general little at 10 thousand bits of) , can use UG, Pro/E or generate final 3 lines digital-to-analogue; If use measure a tool to be laser scanning, because data bulk is very great (have) of 1 million bits of above commonly, need big data (dot cloud) processing software is like CopyCAD, Geomagic, Surfacer to wait, will undertake handling to data, its output is the STL that can be accepted by place of general CAD/CAM software, IGES, DXF to wait. Shape quickly (RP) shapes quickly (the three-dimensional model that Rapid Prototyping) introduces the technology such as laser to will cultivate the material such as ester, ABS, PC to press a product (STL format) undertake fast agglomeration and shape. This kind shapes the technology need not make a mould make complete prototype surely, can accelerate the development plan of new product greatly not only, still but managing and many cost. There already were a few manufacturers to be able to be offerred in our country at present shape quickly system or service, wait like Xi'an traffic university, Tsinghua university, but current and homebred shape quickly the system still lags behind quite from whole, what using data is colophony or paper material normally. Colophony cannot be used in the office normally (contain mephitis body) , made model is more fragile, cannot reply miscellaneous assemble test and verify, very easy when the environment changes generation is out of shape. Foreign manufacturer basically has Stratasys of American 3DSystem, United States to wait. Among them Stratasys FDM system uses ABS or PC data, not only strength is great (can make assemble) , still but high temperature resistant, and in can be being put in an office (avirulent) . 3 coordinate are measured reach the computer to assist detect (we had mentioned products plan to be able to be divided before CMM/CAI) mixing to the design converse design, among them converse design is the basiccest is pair of appearance three-dimensional measure or three-dimensional digitlization. 3 coordinate are measured normally with be accompanied and detecting is born, metrical purpose nothing more than it is to get some geometry parameter or the difference that measure so that value and theory are worth quite. The computer is auxiliary detect (the last few years just applies CAI or CAV) extensively, be in especially Euramerican developed country, what the application of the half above that three-dimensional scanning measures is a product is fast detect, compare the error between product and design namely, find the method that improve product workmanship or devises plan thereby. Besides be measured traditionally by hand, common digitlization method includes 3 coordinate to measure machine measure, grating scanning, and newest three-dimensional laser scanning a variety of. 3 coordinate are measured machine metrical main tool is 3 coordinate are measured machine (Coordinate Measurement Machine, abbreviation CMM) , it is to use the most extensive high accuracy to measure a method at present, basically dragon door type, pillar type, machine arm type waits for a few kinds. 3 coordinate gauge dragon door mood machine also say bridge-type is measured machine, the exterior is like the bridge and get a name. This kind measures machine technology mature, precision is tall, at present most high accuracy is measured all use this kinds of form. But this kind measures the inadequacy of machine is: Airframe is heavy (marble mesa) , bulk is big, not easy shift, right systematic level is spent and the environment asks operation of strict, system is opposite complex, must operate by person specially assigned for a task in constant temperature room normally, basically use at weight the nicety of the object with small, strong character measures light, volume. Main supplier has Qingdao advance guard, LK to wait. Pillar type is measured machine normally by pillar, beam, measure system of head, control to wait form. Baseplate is more cast-iron, bulk moves bulkily, not easily. The characteristic is the price precision is low, low, basically measure of big object commonly with dry horniness. Main supplier has Beijing to stand measure in division, Chengdu etc. Machine arm type also says articulatory arm type is measured machine (often call Portable Coordinate Measurement Machine, or PCMM) , have flexible live, mobile and convenient, low to environmental requirement (can use at workshop or average drawing office) wait for a characteristic, it is the optimal choice that the spot measures. This kinds are measured machine the precision a few years ago is only 0.

50mm left and right sides, application is not much. But in last few years, the machine arm type that American CIMCORE company makes measures the precision of machine to be able to be amounted to 0.

01mm, already can satisfy the requirement that most industry uses, it is to develop the fastest 3 coordinate to measure one of methods at present. Main supplier has Coord 3 of FARO of American CIMCORE, United States, Italy to wait. Graph 3 flexible FlerME of system of the scanning that cast light gauges demands of pair of compensatory of the radius that measure a head as a result of traditional contact, and the measure limitation to object of soft, brittle, easy metabolic, a few manufacturer measure optics the head (illuminant of dot, line) add install general CMM or PCMM, measure in order to come true to the blame contact of the product. This kinds are measured machine develop on CMM foundation mostly and come, but there also is for a special purpose on the market 3 coordinate optics is measured machine, wait like system of Optical Gauging System of inchoate United States. The blame contact that is based on traditional CMM surveys a system besides measure in blame contact going up is outside improving, other characteristic is basic like traditional CMM, if to be being measured the object weighs the limitation of quantity and size,wait. And the laser scanning system that is based on PCMM is had normally very big flexible, friend says flexible 3 coordinate scanning surveys a system. Its basically represent those who heart of Sino-US and joint-stock Ning Bo establishs CIMCORE of limited company of science and technology, United States and American Perceptron combination to roll out to be based on what at present the most outstanding 3 coordinate on the market measure technology of articulatory arm and mature laser scanning is flexible 3 coordinate are measured reach. The occurrence delegate of FlexME system is worn new generation is converse project (Reverse Engineering or RE) and computer are auxiliary detect (Computer Aided Inspection or CAI) system had entered Chinese market. This kind of system go up in the foundation of mature product normally or use existing CMM to add outfit laser to measure a head, one machine is multi-purpose, have can upgrade quality, and upgrade cost is inferior. Method of another kind of scanning is grating scanning measures a law to take a picture namely law, use common white smooth grating is umbriferous to the object that be measured redo takes a picture, the data processing three-dimensional information that will get object face. Take a picture to spell the measurement that close again because of using means, home also somebody calls this method " the face scans " . Grating is umbriferous take a picture standard system begins to be introduced in our country like time end at 20 centuries, typical system has the COMET of company of Steinbichler of the ATOS of German GOM, Germany to wait, it is the converse project measurement technique that home introduces earlier. Because camera and the distance of the object that be measured are controlled in 800mm, dead space is normally more, and measuring earning to be worth for many times is close through going all out get, when measuring, need to make a lot of special and auxiliary number in surface of the object that be measured (to be being measured the object has certain ruinous) , to sophisticated range measure need for many times to install a system afresh, the operation is complex, measure take time. In the meantime, measure illuminant to be common Bai Guang, get ambient light the impact is bigger, need pair of objects that be measured to undertake exterior pretreatment ability undertakes metrical. Measure photograph comparing with general CMM, right certain the scanning of not quite complex curved surface is measured, take a picture the law still is not broken is practicable scanning method. The occurrence that digitlization makes shortened greatly the design of the product is periodic. Regard converse project as medium the mainest component, three-dimensional digitlization method emerges in endlessly. Before 5 years, use 3 coordinate to measure machine (CMM) has a product three-dimensional digitlization is told to average company or so Yao cannot be reached, nowadays is general CMM not only, average company has system of three-dimensional laser scanning to also become a possibility. CNC Milling