Mould of glass reinforced plastics is made

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The pattern that gives high quality to can be made and in view of the technical standard that at present home makes a pattern and quality, do following elaborating to making the process of the mould now, consult for everybody. One, the condition of production mould 1, ambient conditions temperature: The whole process that making force plug and shade model should maintain same environment temperature from beginning to end, namely 21~28 ℃ . Humidity: Humidity is very big to gel coat and resinous solidify influence, good humidity range is 40~60, if make the relative humidity when the mould exceed 65, should wait to come to produce a condition suitably again construction, especially south and foreland, humidity is bigger, more should discreet. 2, clean workshop is the pattern that cannot produce a high quality in a dirty environment, the production area of shade, force plug should height is clean, must produce an area to taller maintenance runs a level than goods, so, beginning is made in the mould, remove dust with respect to what should make good mould make a division ahead of schedule work with cleanness. 3, clean compression the supply enraging a source with pure, dry air is the another element that creates high quality pattern. If wind is in charge of hollow gas to contain a few water or oil, criterion surface of mould gel coat can appear a large number of pinhole and hemp dot, want to pay many labour force to undertake repairing for this, such, the quality of the mould will get very big impact. Pneumatics machine needs to find a place for in favorable environment, deploy effective air desiccator and grease segregator for its. 4, Yuan Fucai expects choose choose high grade former complementary material, it is the fundamental condition that creates high quality pattern. The Yuan Fucai that is used at creating a pattern expects cost holds very small percentage only to totle drilling cost, cannot try managing and use product colophony or the data that already passed period of keep in storage and inferior material. 5, making reasonable patternmaking schedule plan appropriate patternmaking schedule is one of ingredients that make good pattern. No matter be the lay up method that uses a convention, still choose new small contractive system, the time of place demand all decides by these chemical character that Yuan Fucai expects, the purpose takes shortcut or quicken craft, produce the quality to the mould undesirable effect. 2, the unit process of cargo bandling of the spray mould gel coat of mould gel coat is a mould the crucial one step in making, can imagine mould gel coat is whole pattern even, all hind lay up and structural framework are to be layer of mould surface gel coat to serve. Mould gel coat needs taller use and solidify requirement than general product gel coat. The mould surface of high quality asks operation of very accurate mould gel coat reachs mixture process. 1, equipment uses gel coat of mould of eject equipment coating is an important segment in mould workmanship. Appropriate spraying pressure is poriferous to avoiding hang with gel coat shedding, the phenomenon such as gel coat color separation has main effect. The 871 spray gun that we use at present, in spray gun crock, solidify agent is moved through the hand mix, assured precise scale, but the distributinging generation of the sector mixture with ejective spray gun one very fine pulverization effect, the speed of spray sends a system than pump slow, its working hours gets the limitation of time of raw material gel. 2, of mould gel coat examine the keep in storage of mould gel coat period it is the index with very strict requirement, the proposal of supplier of according to gel coat is very important, below most circumstance, generator can assure gel coat from the service mass that packs one specific time. Accordingly, generator and scrutator often should examine the manufacturing date of every pails of gel coat or date number, whether be so that affirm gel coat,inside effective operating period. ⑴ mixes to move beater roil with stretch before use gel coat of each pails of mould, ensure all material in the bucket get complete mixture, next, allow gel coat to stay a few minutes to arrive in order to restore the viscosity of its oneself, undertake use again. ⑵ temperature checks the temperature of gel coat to be inside 21~28 ℃ limits, this temperature is the appropriate temperature that patternmaking craft asks. The gel time of gel coat of every pails of mould, supplier has ⑶ gel time to set clearly. After mould gel coat takes a plant, qualitative check branch must check gel time, namely A, sample should the test temperature of up to mark 25 ℃ ; B, add the solidify agent that specifies an amount and mix up is even; The time that adds gel arrives from solidify below C, record. ⑷ viscosity needs to check gel coat viscosity with BROOKFIELD viscosimeter. The temperature of gel coat sample is 25 ℃ . In the rotor park sample with A, right choice; B, viscosimeter rotates with low speed and high speed; C, record reading and index of translate into viscosity. The qualitative check that has mould stuff inside the factory is very important, often generator oversight of this one important step. 3, processing of agent of dried meat of drawing of patterns, drawing of patterns has candle of drawing of patterns to the mould or agent of drawing of patterns is handled. The mould of glass reinforced plastics that ⑴ has handled water mill, polish clears clean, wipe with towel, wait for dry after appearing, with the candle of right amount drawing of patterns on the gauze package with 3~4 clean layer (date of R333 of American boat card) , use the Tu Zaimo with whirly even law to provide apparently, wait for 3~5 a bit minute, wipe forcibly with clean white towel brush, till lens side effect, place about 2 hours. Duplicate afore-mentioned operations in all 4. The 5th times the operation places 6 hours of above. After preventing the place with sliding surface, complex form to finish candle of drawing of patterns, suggest Tu Yi alls over agent of drawing of patterns for many times. ⑵ A, new pattern or old pattern all answer with proper dissolvent (for example acetone) clean, wu is sure dirty of exterior impurity, candle clean clean, come dry. B, after soaking CHEMLEASPMR with clean gauze, besmear Fu go up at the mould. After Fu of C, besmear, before CHEMLEASEPMR has not do firm, with dry cloth even besmear Fu comes the surface everywhere. D, use this tasting first, must repeat 4, 5, every interval is made an appointment with 10, 20 minutes, if mould area is larger, criterion every besmear Fu hind can besmear continuously Fu, the beard after last besmear Fu uses dry cloth to wipe the mould brightness, a hour of above uses quiet place. E, when be being used, gel coat may besmear hard Fu, this is the reason with too good effect of drawing of patterns, can besmear candle of a few drawing of patterns, need not use later. When it is F, more difficult to be like drawing of patterns, besmear with CHEMLEASPMR again Fu 1, 2, can achieve so economic cost and ensure the purpose of character. 4, the besmear on the spray mould of gel coat is over dried meat of drawing of patterns (agent) hind, undertake gel coat spray. Ply of proposal mould gel coat is 1mm, gel coat divides a layer, spray process is divided second finish, every 0.

5mm is thick, and every gush 3, 0.


17mm. The ply of mould gel coat needs strict pilot, this asks every gush is over after gel coat, should be in with gel coat feet mould surface the ply of layer of gel coat of gage of a lot of places. Method of accurate gel coat spray is as follows: The first ply is ⑴ gush 0.


The mould gel coat of 17mm. ⑵ becomes perpendicular direction gush the 2nd times with the first gel coat, ply is 0.


17mm. The directional gush that ⑶ presses the first times again last gel coat, the gel coat ply of such ground floor is 0.

5mm. ⑷ is avoid chap or wrinkle, should be after solidify of ground floor gel coat, ability gush another gel coat. Below normal temperature, solidify time is 90 minutes. 3, hour of 1 hour of ~3 after gush of gel coat of mould lay up is over, after waiting for gel coat solidify, the surface does not stick the circumstance of the hand to fall, undertake lay up. We basically use method of traditional much measure lay up at present. 1, raw material: Colophony of mould of colophony of A, mould has higher heat to be out of shape temperature and low shrinkage, we choose a benzene colophony, vinyl colophony basically. It is first-rate that fine of B, Bo enhances material weak point to cut felt the mould enhances material, it is OK of the oldest rate reduce fiber lines imprint piece. Felt of opposite knitting fiber and fiber braid kind of product, short the good point that cuts felt is more outstanding. C, quality inspection uses a requirement to make sure mould colophony is achieved, also want an elephant to have qualitative check in that way to mould gel coat. Include: Data keep in storage period, undertake mixture test and test gel time and viscosity to each batches. 2, first mould is laminose make a layer begin from paste. First quality requirement is very tall, after wanting to avoid all moulds to finish be repaired again or create destructive possibility to gel coat. According to the complex degree of mould appearance, the fiber when paste makes a layer chooses 30 grams rice rice of 2 surfaces felt, 300 grams 2, 450 grams rice of 2 short cut felt, laminose when must boil careful with iron press lay up, ensure all bleb already were driven clean, assure reasonable colophony and fiber scale. After first solidify, want to make serious and comprehensive inspection to lay up, include all corner, curved surface and other possibility to produce the place of the problem. If discover the flaw such as bleb, must take care bleb take out, had repaired afresh achieve a face. 3, add thick lay up laminose craft is × N of M450 × 4~5+RX commonly, small mould 8mm thick left and right sides, old pattern makes sure 15mm is controlled. Generator must implement laminose craft and schedule strictly. 4, cling to a when family name hardness makes lay up plan good method, observe lay up namely cling to the change of family name hardness. When laminose cling to when family name hardness achieves the 80%~90% of complete solidify hardness, can undertake issueing one lay up. Should use cling to when appearance of family name hardness measures lay up hardness, should notice to need record many reading and cipher out average, regard hardness as the value with this. This kind of method eliminated the data error of as a result of solidify time difference generation, should compare schedule of time of basis lay up to want normally with lay up of this kind of method fast. 4, the structure outside the mould ends when mould lay up hind, what work next even if make a pattern is exterior strengthen a structure. The purpose that strengthens a structure is: Make outside force delivers mould surface on average, the surface that prevented a mould is out of shape. Mould gel coat produces the mainest reason of crackle is a mould to be out of shape, because such, design structure of one rigid mould will greatly those who prevent gel coat is weather-shack. No matter steel wears a box structure of structure or plywood, answer suspensory the level is spread in prep above mould 14 feet place, if structural framework binds with modular face directly, different heat is conducted will cause mould surface moulage. Additional, do not place partial bubble, layer board or other insulating material to do mat layer between structural layer and surface, the cohere between this structure and lay up had better use Bo a rope for towing a boat, but do not use weave cloth in case moulage. 5, drawing of patterns is become frame structure is complete solidify, the mould is OK drawing of patterns. The first pace mould brim cut orderly, use wedge of many drawing of patterns next all cloth inserts shade, force plug between, exert oneself to do sth. equably (do not damage in case forcibly alone mould) , beat each stress to amass position with rubber hammer (the attention is not beaten with ironware) , complete finally drawing of patterns. 6, after the mould handles drawing of patterns, microscope mould each place, the blemish of any surfaces should notice and mark comes out. Below good position, the mould does not need burnish surface, mould surface polish can, make the pattern that give cannot obtain good position commonly, that is forced to undertake to the mould according to traditional method burnish is handled. 7, last word accordingly, the production of high quality mould and strict mould make program and strict manufacturing government is not divided. CNC Milling