Lathe machines deep aperture method

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Graph workpiece of 1 brief introduction is like 1 workpiece the graph is shown 1 times, material is nylon 1010. Main difficult point of production is in F16 deepness the treatment of 2550 aperture. 2 craft analyse the difficulty that deep Kong Jia is versed in to depend on cutting tool slightness, stiffness is poor, intensity is low, easy cause cutting tool deflective. Get lubricating fluid of the refrigeration in cutting to be entered hard, medicinal powder hot difficulty, platoon bits is not easy, and often can jam. The buccal ministry of deep aperture often produces a diameter to greaten, the phenomenon such as occurrence taper. The influence machines quality. Although nylon has higher tensile strength and good concussion tenacity, coefficient of friction is small, the advantage such as wear-resisting. But have heat to be out of shape however temperature is low, heat conduction rate is low, heat expands big, shrinkage is big, the defect such as easy moisture absorption. Workpiece stuff is long and not straight, the biggest bend exceed 20mm, cannot use mechanical and corrective method, this is cut to deep Kong Zuan bring very great difficulty. Machining special device without deep aperture, common device machines length below insufficient condition, analysed the characteristic of workpiece, plunge cut technical difficult point in the light of deep aperture, decided on common lathe the method that uses two termination knife undertakes getting cutting. Graph sketch map of structure of tool of 3 tool design is like sketch map of 2 tool structure the graph is shown 2 times. Prepare × of a F60 the steel tube of 5 × 2500mm, undertake alignment. In steel tube fore-and-aft mill 3mm is wide open slot, become mouth steel tube to cover, use alignment of good to bent nylon stuff. Of splicing sleeve inside aperture with mouth steel tube dimension of the circle outside covering agrees, the circle outside main aspects is more than the circle outside machine tool main shaft, the aperture inside the circle outside small end and lathe main shaft matchs, the part is OK before the circle outside small end consummate is cone-shaped, with convenient installation. Machine 3mm along splicing sleeve axial next wide open slot. The F60 heavy hole that oriented fixed position covers and mouth steel tube are covered outside round measure is consistent, use work, it is before its front central position treatment has F16 opening, have oriented effect to lengthen broach. F16 lengthen broach designed 3 kinds in all, its length dimension is 500mm, 900mm, 1400mm to undertake choosing according to bore deepness respectively. Part in the lengthen ministry of lengthen broach chamfer of bits having a platoon, convenient platoon bits and cooling fluid are flowed into. 4 treatment method covers mouth steel tube first lever, put work, make mouth steel tube encases workpiece closely. Insert workpiece one aspect of the matter main shaft aperture next inside, another end gets stuck with 3 ungual chuck. Workpiece head mount directs fixed position is covered, wear bearing with the center. Workpiece rear loads splicing sleeve, of the aperture inside the circle outside using splicing sleeve and machine tool main shaft cooperate, in workpiece of bearing of back end of lathe main shaft. Auger cut deep Kong Shi to use standard broach to be gotten beforehand on workpiece above all guide aperture. Next from short to grow to use F16 lengthen broach to undertake bore respectively, treatment makes an appointment with 1350mm to deepness till. Final tune is placed with same outfit and machine methodological getting to cut deep hole of other in part. When cutting after a paragraph of deepness, if appear,discharge bits not free, should move in time tailstock discharges bits. Machine a method through this kind, the deviation of two termination knife is less than 0.

5mm. Deviation basically depends on the linearity of steel tube, and of the aperture inside splicing sleeve and main shaft cooperate. 1.

Workpiece 2.

Mouth steel tube is covered 3.

Splicing sleeve 4.

Box of machine tool main shaft 5.

The center is worn 6.

Oriented fixed position is covered 7.

Lengthen broach 8.

Machine tool tailstock pursues sketch map of treatment of 3 treatment sketch map sees a picture 3. 5 notes get rotate speed of main shaft of the lathe when cutting cannot exorbitant, rotate speed crosses expensive work to give out heat, can block dead broach. If rotate speed is too low, machine efficiency low, make cost increases. Get the feed when cutting to measure cannot too big, cut bits to be not discharged otherwise, workpiece can arise burst apart. Undertake even in time discharging bits additionally, otherwise meeting influence machines precision, increase two end aperture to receive the deviation of the knife. In cutting process, should use cooling lubricating fluid. If discover workpiece temperature passes to the tall, platoon that cut bits does not go out or give bits to jam,reach other unusual appearance, should stop to get cut, examine a reason. 6 conclusion use simple tool clamping apparatus, economy machines a method practically, get on common lathe cut deep hole of train in excess specified length, achieved expectant favorable result. CNC Milling