Exceed cold technology -- improve service life of cutting tool, mould

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Exceeding modified of cold treatment material is in recent years a kind of when the country such as beautiful, day, Russia is developing new technology and new technology. Exceeding cold technology is material is after heat treatment, can use the processing technology in the tool that has shaped, cutting tool, spare parts exclusively, can stabilize the exact size of material, improve the wear-resisting performance of material, rehabilitate the mechanical property of material. Exceed cold technology to not be confined to the finishing of material to the processing of material, and permeate organize at material interior, those who reflect is integral effect, be opposite especially of cutting tool grind again, do not affect constituent structure, can use repeatedly, its can repeat performance characteristics technology of apparent excel coating. Exceed cold treatment technology to be opposite at the same time work can be significant decrease quench stress and the performance that enhance dimension stability. Traditional industry competition ability is in the transition that faces industrial structure and upgrade, must make true change. The assurance of product quality will make a living by competitive condition change keep a requirement. Of the efficiency of industrial product rise, it is the task that place of industrial public figure faces. However the fundamental project of metallic stuff appears more important, the character that the fundamental job of heat treatment lets industrial product not attain perfect, although heat treatment gifts metallic stuff life, but did not give life and efficiency. The project of whole basis divides the heat treatment in front outside, the metal that still includes sequel exceeds cold treatment, just be the fundamental job that assures product quality. The metal exceeds cold treatment (DeepCryogenicTreatment) the only alternative that will be metallic product quality. Exceed cold application industry to include: Knife of cutting tool of accurate punch mould, accurate and accept rice material, plastic mould, cutting, gear hobbing, cutting tool of cutting of aluminium alloy material, hard alloy / mould of clamping apparatus, pulverous metallurgy. Exceed cold treatment to be in in the light of high-speed steel in exceeding cold treatment process, a large number of leftover austenite change in the metal are martensite, decide the metastable of supersaturation martensite to reduce its degree of saturation, reduce microcosmic stress, separate out dispersion, and the when exceeding petty carbide to be out of shape in material plasticity effective block up amlposition of separate out dispersion moves, thereby effective aggrandizement matrix organization. Because exceed imperceptible carbide grain to distributing to go up in martensite equably, effective aggrandizement crystal boundary, improved the performance of high-speed steel thereby, make fight concussion tenacity, red rigid, wearability to have promote considerably. Exceed cold treatment to be in in the light of hard alloy in exceeding cold treatment process, adjust hard alloy effectively of medium in-house stress effectively, reduce the tensile stress of cobaltic generation, enhance the obstruction that produces micro-crack, the generation of effective bring down micro-crack, rose to fight fatigue intensity, tenacity thereby, enhanced cobalt to be opposite at the same time the combinative function of carbonization tungsten, reduce carbide effectively come off, improved wear-resisting performance effectively. The hard alloy classics that won't produce constituent allergy exceeds cold treatment (DeepCryogenicTreatment) hind the addition that can show the service life of material workpiece, the organization that exact is hard alloy will be more compact, promote effectiveness for a given period of time at the same time (Aging) , increase plasticity metabolic impedance, odd second use except increase 30% arrive outside the life of 5 times, the layer that accumulate carbon from before 0.


05mm promotion comes 0.


13mm, can show reduce again abrade amount. Exceed cold treatment to be aimed at aluminium alloy duralumin (Duralumin) after solution treatment, reentry exceeds cold treatment all right (DeepCryogenicTreatment) , because can close to outdated effect is reached,eliminate leftover stress substantially, can promote whole mechanical quality consequently. Apply in the mechanical industry that is in abroad at present exceed cold treatment to promote aluminium alloy efficiency to have a lot of case, have 7075 through exceeding the material of cold treatment for the most part, 6061 etc. Especially the after applying the classics of mechanical spare parts that runs in high speed to exceed cold treatment service life that aluminium alloy makes more showing. Exceed cold technology abroad to consider to apply a circumstance to be at the beginning of 20 centuries, the method that abroad begins to consider to use excessive refrigeration changes the organization of steel and property. 1938, AII.

LYJIREB puts forward steel of high speed tool to exceed the proposal of cold treatment above all, be in theoretic put forward cold to - the theoretical foundation of 80 ℃ . The United States the research that in 20 centuries 50 time had begun to exceed cold treatment to be affected to metallic function. 60 time end, american Louis installs graceful manage to be versed in university machinery project fastens F.

Professor Barron is right 5 kinds of alloy steel 52100, d-2, a-2, m-2 and O-1 undertook study meticulously. Exceed cold treatment and the sample discovery that did not exceed cold treatment through contrast, although the hardness after exceeding cold treatment increases finite, but its grind bead to wear away fight force to have however showing rise. Be like classics - the sample wearability after 84 ℃ are handled wants to rise than unsettled 2.


6 times, classics - the sample wearability that 190 ℃ handle is compared - 84 ℃ handle rise even 2.

6 times. F also confirmed in actual production.

The studies conclusion validity of Barron. Dayton company points out clearly in its production report: Use - the drift life that 310 ℃ F treats can raise one times. American material develops limited company in October 1966, begin to use exceed cold treatment method to handle bear tatty tool and spare parts. 70 time United States rests the company such as Si Hang empty company, current power company, general motors company, Steelcase and Japanese Cannon all is used exceed cold treatment technology, especially RialsImprovementInc, become what be engaged in technically exceeding cold treatment is professional company. Russia also is earlier before use the country that exceeds cold treatment technology to improve service life of high-speed steel cutting tool. 20 centuries 80 time, the learned man of the country such as Australia, Romania, Germany, Singapore, England is right the craft that exceeds cold treatment, mechanism did certain research, research thinks generally to exceed cold treatment to be able to make the function of material rises apparently as a result. Exceed life of cold part high-speed steel to raise 50%-300% to exceed cold point hard alloy life raises 40%-300% to exceed cold point cermet life raises 30% above remarks: The technology that life improves a root to occupy different material and processing decides to exceed cold technology to use service life of high-speed steel and hard alloy cutting tool, cutting tool, measure finally raise wearability of oily, bedspring, gear, bearing and service life to raise heat to make mould, Leng Zunmo provide CNC Milling