Colophony radical craft of composite material figuration makes progress

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Advanced composite material is had mix than intensity taller than modular quantity, be able to bear or endure fatigue, anisotropy and shape when can design gender, material and structure wait for function, go up oneself century since 60 time are published, win wide application very quickly, become aerospace one of 4 old stuff. As its material function is improved with production technology ceaselessly, composite material was not sure to have important place. Reach the requirement of concealed body to cruise of tall maneuverability, supersonic speed to satisfy new generation battleplan, after entering 90 age, western battleplan uses composite material structure in great quantities without an other place, dosage is in commonly 25 % above, some achieves 35 % even, the structure decreases heavy efficiency to amount to 30 % . Applied place spreads all over the airframe of the plane almost, the wainscot that includes envelope of perpendicular empennage, stabilizer, airframe and wing and envelope. A key that unmanned battleplan is prospective aviation weapon develops way. Purchase function of body of policy, concealed, maneuverability to satisfy, live force is right the special demand of material, to reduce structural weight as far as possible, increase fuel load, a of unmanned battleplan structure marked characteristic uses composite material in great quantities namely. It is with the X-45A of Boeing company exemple, outside lying between casing to employ aluminium alloy except the keel of airframe, Liang He, the airframe structure of the others is make by composite material. The airframe of the X-47A of company of Lu Men of Nuo Si Luopu case employs aluminium alloy except a few connect outside, whole airframe used composite material entirely almost. Composite material of the preparation in aviation industry makes basically ask to be: Can pay to rise; High automation; Good quality is controlled; Reduce mould cost to reach shorten production is periodic. To achieve these requirements, aviation industry with a view to: Braid a technology; Advanced shop brings a technology; Be not autoclave technology; Inject craft; Advanced solidify technology; Complete quality concept and thermoplastic craft. The article basically is aimed at his beforehand form production technology and technology of spare parts figuration undertake discussion. Place core structure to make into body and beehive beforehand reach applied technology the production technology that at present composite material becomes body beforehand basically has the following kinds: (1) suture technology. Suture fabric enhances composite material is to use high-powered fine peace keeping industrial sewing machine will be multilayer fabric of 2 dimension fiber oversews together, becomes via compound solidify spin composite material. It through citing the fiber of perforative ply direction rises fight statified ability, enhance the intensity between the layer, model quantity, fight cut capacity, fight concussion ability, fight the mechanical function such as fatigue ability, satisfy the function requirement of structural member thereby. So far, the development project of construction of major suture composite material is the NASA with the United States is given priority to those who undertake. Among them the famousest is the composite material wing that uses suture technology to make, the sewing machine with the long 28m that used Boeing company development among them makes composite material of plane wing envelope become body beforehand. Enough suture of this suture function exceeds the carbon fiber layer with thick 25mm, suture speed amounts to 3000 needles / cent. Become body beforehand besides suture envelope outside, still can oversew reinforcement. RFI technology is used to undertake heating mixing after suture is finished pressurization. The structural member that such production give decreases at weight of equal aluminium alloy spare parts relatively 25% , cost is reduced 20% . Be in Europe, EADS company also developed this technology, using the part that this technology makes above all is pressure of the airframe after A380 lies between casing, this material becomes body beforehand to do voice carbon fiber, than agglutinant beforehand dip expects relatively manageability. Every composite material uses automatic sewing machine to join together, dependability and but repeatability is good. The carbon fiber fabric that adoption sewing machine is a few kinds of length is spread side by side put in grow and wide on the mesa that is 8m. Suture head is taking around shift by beam of a metal, the speed of material of suture of music form needle is achieved minutely 100 needles. The engineer uses a kind of special music form needle to be able to realize unilateral suture, can connect the data that receives any length consequently. After join hind pressure lies between casing board to become " rug " . Then, "Rug " put on a mould to be furled to be rolled out again, look like a big bowl that buckles, to gain necessary strength, 6 such " rug " by different way alternant shop is folded. Become body beforehand fold layer board to oversew together, put beaverboard and colophony in autoclave to heat below vacuum condition together next pressurization is fused, final solidify. Because rate of whole process automation is higher, cost is accordingly low and reliable. Suture composite material has the function between good layer, cost low, efficiency is tall, and can design. Suture returns the mechanical join method of tradition of replaceable composite material, improve integral performance thereby. Because this hopeful is used at large whole,complex structural member is made, can use at the airframe structure of transport of large-scale for military use especially, decrease weight is measured and reduce cost. The crucial technology of this technology includes: The development of special device and suture craft. (2) puncture. Puncture is composite material structure three-dimensional a kind of when strengthen simple method, in technology of suture of excel of a few respects. But it cannot be used at making to become body beforehand. Use in this craft cut thinly the club is with proper point of view before solidify or planar carbon fiber is inserted when solidify annulus oxygen composite material layer board in, obtain thereby three-dimensional strengthen composite material structure. Z to cutting a club can be metallic stuff (it is titanium alloy commonly) , also can use metalloid data (use oxygen of carbon fiber annulus commonly composite material) . The diameter cutting a club of composite material is commonly 0.

25mm and 0.

5mm. The way that will cut a club to insert has two kinds, it is the method that uses vacuum bag hot pressing, 2 it is to use supersonic technology. Law of vacuum bag hot pressing more agree with relatively big or trouble-free place undertakes Z is strengthened to the structure, and it is difficult that supersonic law is opposite arrive at place or local need Z to strengthened structural position more effective. Additional, supersonic law still can use a metal to cut a club to insert already came true in the composite material of solidify statified of composite material repair. The occurrence of puncture technology and suture technology and application are great improved composite material rupture tenacity, mean composite material to be able to bear higher impact strength and come off stress. In fact, z to enhance a technology to already was used at lamina of GE90 engine fan, the place that asks to intensity undertakes strengthening. Aboard, this technology is used at bubble to place core skin texture, it is 3 times of the extruding intensity of the aluminous beehive structure that uses on the tradition. This technology has development latent capacity more than suture technology, because its saved the sewing machine of high cost,basically be, dimension is unlimited, can have local structure especially strengthen, because this is the crucial technology of application of prospective plane airframe. (3) three-dimensional and woven. This craft is used already extensively at composite material industry at present, basically use at producing fabric of monolayer, wide cut, regard the buildup of composite material as body. Three-dimensional different whole is woven the technology is the century on abroad the technology of new and high spin that 80 time development rises, it created a kind of new composite material configuration. Use three-dimensional different whole woven the composite material that the technology makes is made have integral sex and mechanical rationality two big characteristics, it is composite material of a kind of advanced spin. Three-dimensional different whole is woven outstanding characteristic of the technology is fabric of spin different whole, like T form, U form, industry body, crisscross wait for profile and round canal, weaver art still can create agile opportunity an a lot of new complex form tissue. Basically begin fasciculus to arrange the dynamic imitate of process of the design of layout, work out at present, realize three-dimensional different whole woven automation, rise three-dimensional and woven the quality of composite material and productivity, quickly three-dimensional different whole is woven the development of composite material and promotion application. Abroad still is used three-dimensional and woven the technology undertook test and verify on the other structure in plane and engine, mounting frame of the T that is like a plane casing, wainscot that brings reinforcement, engine, the most advanced is applied on machine of Scramjet engine prototype three-dimensional and woven beehive places core composite material firebox, material is radical of pottery and porcelain composite material, its use three-dimensional and woven the biggest profit is to form integral firebox structure, solved the join that brings by common production method and leak problem. (4) braid. Braiding is a kind of basic spin technology, can make two above yarn is in inclined to or fore-and-aft each other intersects knit those who form integral structure to become body beforehand. This kind of craft can make those who give complex appearance become body beforehand normally, but the restriction that its dimension accepts equipment and yarn measure. In aviation industry, at present this technology basically is centered on braided equipment, production and geometrical analysis, ultimate goal is to realize complete automation to produce, undertake equipment and craft and CAD/CAM compositive. General component is this engineering technology two kinds, a kind 2 dimension braid craft, another kind is three-dimensional braid craft. Traditional 2 thinking braid work skill to be used at making complex valve shape, cave or of planar spare parts become body beforehand, it and photograph of other spin technology are relatively more inferior than cost. Its research basically is centered in braiding machine of automation of research and development to reduce production cost and enlarge applied limits. Its crucial technology includes quality direction of control, fiber and distributing, core axis design. It includes to make plane intake duct and airframe J in the application of aviation industry model lie between casing. This technology is used with RTM and RFI technology union normally, also can mix with extrusion additionally mould pressing figuration is used jointly. Its apply a level to produce F-35 battleplan intake duct to make in fourth company of Losk Heed horse in can reflect its most advanced sex, reinforcement and intake duct housing are integral structure, reduced the fastener of 95% , raised pneumatic function and signal feature, simplified to assemble craft. Braid the issue with ply respect small intensity to overcome 2 dimension, developed three-dimensional braid a technology, offerred a possibility into body beforehand without surplus to make. But this technology is restricted likewise by equipment dimension. Current, braid equipment commonly to be able to be produced only be less than 100mm sectional become body beforehand, and of aircraft spare parts large change a need large size and expensive braiding machine. Although this technology already developed from 60 time rise, experienced 4 paces to braid, 2 paces are braided multilayer each other lock braids a technology. As the development of three-dimensional braiding machine, the future that its make in the plane still has latent capacity of very big application. Three-dimensional crossbeam of plank of braided C, J, T and I bridge, connecting rod, airframe, F airframe lies between casing, airframe canister form wait to already got test and verify. (5) knitting. Knitting strengthens a structure with what Yu Fu combines material only then at going up century 90 time. Fight force as a result of its directional intensity, concussion wovener composite material is good, and the coil structure of knitted fabric has very big but tensibility, make easily blame bear the complex form component of force. At present abroad already produced advanced industrial knitting frame, can produce quickly complex do not have surplus structure nearly, and material waste is little. Can join directional fiber what with this kind the method makes to be used at certain place to enhance mechanical performance of the structure selectively into body beforehand. Additional, the knitting structure of this kind of coil is in get when outside force be out of shape very easily, because this is comfortable at be on composite material figuration aperture, have very large dominant position than bore. But the wide application that its inferior mechanical function also affected it. Nextpage (6) warp knitting. Knitting has latent capacity very much in the application of aerospace industry. And use classics to knitting technology, put notional photograph couple with fiber shop, production much rod is multilayer via calling warp knitting fabric commonly to knitting fabric. Because this kind of material does not bend, because this fiber can be arranged with optimal form. Warp knitting technology can acquire thick multiple fabric and determine fiber direction according to expectation, because do not need a shop to put more number of plies, great raise economic benefits. Abroad can have acquired the glass of all sorts of wide cut and fabric of carbon fiber warp knitting in the market at present. This kind has two advantages into body beforehand: It is with other spin composite material becomes body appearance beforehand lower than cost; 2 it is the 2 safeguard that it has latent capacity to exceed a tradition beforehand dip carries a pressing plate, because its fiber is straight, can increase to improve the performance between the layer of material thereby in ply direction. But the main reason that restricts its to apply at present is raw material cost tall and commercialize degree insufficient. Department of foreign aerospace industry is considering to use this kind of technology at second bear force and advocate bear force member, had been in plane wing joist go up with wing wainscot undertook test and verify, in predicting to will be not made in the plane wide application. Make a technology into body beforehand in the light of above, abroad still began a variety of research in recent years, if structure of executive composite material of beautiful air man is inclined,knit develop a plan into body beforehand, cancel lay up working procedure, in order to reduce the complex degree of structure of treatment whole composite material and cost. (7) layer board and beehive structure make a technology. Fiber enhances metallic layer board (FRML) be by metallic thin plate and fiber colophony beforehand dip makings spreads the jumbly composite material that put agglutination and becomes alternately. Colophony of change metal type and ply, fiber beforehand dip makings system, shop sticks direction of ordinal, fiber, metal the drawing after finishing is mixed spends the function that waits for changeable FRML, in order to be used at different place. Present FRML basically uses aluminium alloy sheet metal. Because use what aluminous lithium alloy can raise FRML to compare stiffness, use titanium alloy but can raise FRML greatly be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex, it is with aluminous lithium alloy or titanium alloy so base in FRML also is considering and studying. The fiber in FRML can be fiber of fibre glass, fragrant black silk ribbon and carbon fiber, they are respective with aluminium alloy board the FRML that 3 kinds of function can form to differ after combination, call GLARE, ARALL and CARE respectively. Nowadays, FRML points to these 3 kinds of material more. Fiber beforehand the epoxy resin glue that dip expects used gum basically is hot solid sex, also can use thermoplastic plastic like PEEK, get together benzene sulfur aether and polyamide replace glue of colophony of hot solid sex. Structure of interlining of adhesive bonding beehive also is a kind of special structure uses composite material, clip of its the material that place core beehive switch uses adhesive to stick between two face plate receive. Because have,compare goodly intensity and than stiffness, because this is in,the airframe such as transport of large-scale for military use and unmanned aircraft has quite wide application perspective. Although these technologies are civil more extensive, but the applied potential on military airplane is very great also. In composite material like A380 mature technology is propped up below, except carbon fiber composite material, layer board Glare comes to the aluminium alloy that empty guest returns fibre glass of make choice of to increase make 27 airframe wainscot. This one technology is a crucial milepost that A380 large transport uses big range land innovation data, the factory of StorkFokker company already began to use ground of big batch of new-style treatment craft to produce wainscot of this machine airframe. The material of the Glare that be called, it is a kind of short fibre glass enhances aluminium alloy, this kind of material is by aluminium alloy thin plate and clip of epoxy resin fibre glass core is stuck receive formation metal and composite material together to hand in fold a structure. Glare compares aluminium alloy about light 25% , it is better to have fight fatigue intensity and impact resistance. An advantage of Glare material is figuration spare parts can resemble aluminium alloy member same riveting arrives on the plane. In fact, glare material is OK as integral aluminium alloy same bore and cutting, because this can use same tool,undertake repairing. The use of Glare material will make A380 plane decreases heavy close 1t (800kg) , airframe wainscot usable floor area amounts to 470m2 on, use 27 Glare wainscot in all, the longest amount to 11m. Manufacturer extend 12000m2 is planted with getting used to this the production of material, had made airframe wainscot at present. But Glare board costlier than aluminium alloy, but if figuration is a spare parts, be like double curvature wainscot, final cost and wainscot of drawing aluminium alloy are almost same. This one technology has wide applied perspective on transport of large-scale for military use. Figuration of composite material spare parts and the technology of figuration of composite material spare parts that production technology uses on plane airframe at present basically include: (1) technology of figuration of colophony move moulding. The main principle of RTM craft is in modular antrum the shop puts what ask to design by function and structure to enhance material to become body beforehand, use injection equipment to close infuse of special colophony system modular antrum, the mould has periphery sealed reach exhaust system with close solid and inject, give all gas in modular antrum and complete soak fiber in order to make sure colophony flow is smooth side by side, still have heat system, can heat component of solidify figuration composite material. It is one kind is not used beforehand dip makings, also do not use the figuration method of autoclave. Accordingly, have efficiency the advantage such as tall, investment, green, it is the production technology that airframe of plane of prospective new generation has development latent capacity. Technology of figuration of colophony move moulding is production method of composite material of a kind of low cost, basically use at the plane at first second bear force structural member, if port and examination mouth are built. American matters pertaining to defense ground beforehand 1996 bureau developed high strength advocate bear the low cost RTM of force member makes a technology consider. At present medium or small the production of spare parts of composite material RTM had won wider application, and large RTM also be in of JSF hang down the application on end is successful. The advantage of this method is environmental protection, formation layer plywood function good and double-faced quality is good, in aviation application can reduce itself amount of labor not only, and as a result of can figuration is large whole, make assemble workload to decrease. But the spare parts that colophony enters modular antrum to form through pressure inject is existing hole content inferior, colophony is in content of bigger, fiber distributing in fiber not divide evenly, colophony is inadequate to fiber macerate wait for blemish, accordingly this technology still has improve latent capacity. Because this technology returns existence above defect, because this future development is,reduce tool cost, improve structural member performance, reduce percent defective. Accordingly, developed vacuum to assist colophony to note model figuration again on this technology base (VARI) technology, auxiliary colophony is absorbed by fabric, can lower hole rate not only, beforehand figuration fiber is more close together, the negative pressure that vacuum forms, colophony becomes body beforehand with respect to edge of suitable vacuum access each level flows, thereby sufficient macerate fiber, make fiber / resorcinol cloth is even. Improve performance among them, basically be to use RTM to create high strength main structural member, for this, american national defence grinds beforehand bureau developed Z to enhance RTM technology to fiber, this technology can be in fabric transverse or enhance envelope interface place to use discontinuous fiber to increase. This kind of new-style production theory can not achieve three-dimensional structure through braid or oversewing. This technology has a few crucial technologies to want to solve in using a process: Fill up imitate technology, heat delivers the process to react with solidify equipment of research, inject method research, RTM studies. (2) colophony macerate technology. RFI craft is infiltration of film of a kind of colophony and fiber the technology of macerate of a kind of colophony that prefab substance appearance combines. Its figuration process is colophony preparation becomes colophony film or stiff shape colophony piece, put the floor at the mould, its superstratum Fu in order to oversew or three-dimensional braid the fiber that waits for honest legal system to become prefab body. Enclose modular antrum according to the point of vacuum figuration craft next, use vacuum technology at heating up an environment to fall colophony by below up pump. The viscosity after colophony film be heated is reduced, rise by next be intent on personal advancement along prefab body, thereby cram is whole and prefab body space, craft of solidify of immediately according to, make composite material. Because this technology uses conventional vacuum bag to press figuration method only, the colophony that discharged RTM craft place to need is metric the treatment of injection equipment and double-faced mould, making a superior product while the cost that reduced product greatly. Basically apply at plane radar antennae to overspread in aviation domain at present. But although this craft does not use autoclave solidify part, but still need vacuum bag system to undertake solidify, and craft temperature demand is high, so requirement core material and tool can bear high temperature. The critical process technology that this technology incorporates includes: Beforehand form figuration (three-dimensional braid reach the technology such as suture) , colophony flow imitate and control, braid reach suture equipment to consider. (3) fiber is twined. This craft basically is used at hollow, circle and elliptical spare parts, if pipeline reachs gasoline tank. Core axis is twined to go up with all sorts of direction and speed after fasciculus passes pool of a colophony, direction and speed are controlled by fiber feed machine. This is a technology with had developed relatively mature, no matter be,spend in automation, speed, thickening, got on quality and fiber direction tremendous improve. It is canister form low cost produces a method quickly. Current and three-dimensional braiding basically is cost rate of tall, automation is low; Future may be used at costly titanium alloy connect and engine lamina wait, and decrease somewhat on cost. (4) pull crowded. Pull crowded shape craft is the successive fibre glass fluid of macerate colophony glue bundle, belt or cloth, below the action of traction, shape through extruding mould, solidify, produce the profile of glass reinforced plastics that length is not restricted continuously. This kind of craft is the most comfortable at producing the profile of glass reinforced plastics of all sorts of section appearance, be like club, canal, hypostatic profile (form of I-shaped, chamfer, quadrate profile) etc. Pull crowded shaping is composite material shapes one of craft special technology, its advantage is: · produces a process to realize automation control completely, manufacturing efficiency is tall; · is pulled crowded shape content of the fiber in goods can be as high as 80% , impregnation undertakes below tension, can sufficient play enhances the action of material, product strength is high; Vertical, transverse strength can adjust · product arbitrarily, the use of goods of OK and contented different and mechanical function asks; · produces waste material of horn of the immensity in the process, after the product does not need, machine, reason relatively other craft saves project, province raw material, province specific power consumption; · product quality is stable, repeatability is good, length can be cut off arbitrarily. Pull crowded shape the defect of craft is product figure drab, can profile of product line form, and transverse strength is not high. Crowded shape process is by send gauze, impregnation, shape beforehand, solidify finalizes the design, drawing, cut off wait for working procedure composition. Without twist roving is worn from gauze derivative hind, the course discharges gauze implement enter impregnation chamfer to soak colophony glue fluid, enter next shape beforehand model, redundant colophony and bleb eduction, reentrance shapes modular gel, solidify. The goods after solidify is pulled out continuously from the mould by drawing machine, finally by cut off machine fixed length. In shape in the process, every working procedure can have different method: If send gauze working procedure, can increase successive fiber felt, hoop winding gauze or with 3 to fabric in order to increase product transverse strength; Drawing working procedure can be crawler drawing machine, also can use manipulator; Solidify means can be the solidify inside the model, also can use heating furnace solidify; Heat means can be high frequency report heats, also can use melt metal (metal of low melting point) etc. Pull crowded shape craft divides vertical and horizontal unit outside, product of form of Shang Youwan music is pulled crowded shape craft, reaction inject is pulled crowded craft pulls crowded craft to wait with what contain filling. At present this technology applies in aviation domain not extensive, because level of mould pressing technology is hard to achieve quality of other metal mould pressing to ask,be, 2 it is cost of profile of opposite other metal tall. In addition, the future of this technology develops must can make a variety of sectional material, if become sectional appearance and curved surface help crowded technology. Nextpage (5) automatic shop puts a technology. Although this technology has won wide application on modern plane, obtained tremendous progress. But the production of spare parts of plane composite material because scope is limited, because this is full automatic,changing a likelihood is not most economic method, but semi-automatic turning production is more feasible production method. Existing automatic shop folds a technology to there has been very big growth on speed and accuracy, and computer technology produced very big effect to it, the shop folds an area to also grow somewhat. Although still do not have certain breakthrough at present, but the technology is improved will be continuous undertake. There was very great progress in recent years in cut technology respect. Have 3 kinds of methods at present: Mechanical, laser and water cut machine, every kinds have its actor drawback. But had not seen at present have new breakthrough. (6) silk bundle the shop puts a technology. Silk bundle the shop is put (Tow Placement) is in newlier relatively be paid close attention to in recent years all the more. Its give attention to two or morethings automatic shop folds the good point that binds with fiber. Can make complex form structural member, do not restrict to fiber angle. And have great the latent capacity that reduces manufacturing cost. In the ACT project of the MANTECH of air force and NASA, the value of this technology already got confirming. System of control of maximize of development kit draw together, shop puts head position online and feedback, fast detect, accurate with high quality product. (7) other. On above technology base, abroad still developed way of figuration of composite material quickstep (use law of half step figuration to will cancel autoclave, the acting fluid with float model and vibration of going from place to place undertakes solidify. Fall solidify time from 24h thereby to 1h. What need pressure from traditional autoclave the 60 ~ 200psi of the law falls to 1 ~ 4psi (1MPa=145psi) . ) , law of figuration of going from place to place (it is to use thermoplastic a breakthrough that composite material will come to make large part, it is technology of production of a kind of low cost, can make the composite material that gives Gao Bijiang to spend. ) , note the technology such as model figuration law newly. Diaphragmatic figuration is one kind is formerly thermoplastic the figuration technology that composite material develops, discovery is used at heating up solid sex after composite material has very extensive use. It has the fiber in figuration process to slide not easily, the special effect that produces fold not easily thereby, special the C that applies to the bridge before machining large airlines wing sectional. C of the bridge before large airlines waits in the A400M that rolls out in recent years model sectional in, used this kind of technique extensively already. Still developed composite material to join additionally, low cost tool, with grind glow material detects sensor of high temperature of injury of composite material structure, application detects carbon - the structural integrality of composite material and layer add up to carbon composite material ruptures reach invalidation forecast a technology to wait. As the development of accept rice technology, in American national defence beforehand of the institute aid financially below, dekesasi the researcher of the Trinity institute of university and Dublin, successful already preparation gives rice of successive carbon accept to be in charge of composite material fiber, the energy that this kinds of fiber can draw is the Kevlar fibrous that is used at making bulletproof vest at present 17 times. Other and potential military affairs use still includes store can " electronic textile " , artificial muscle and can make miniature aero muti_function fiber. In addition, composite material technology comes to rice of accept of application of company of American LVH coating the transparent electrodeposit with implementation industrial aerospace layer, its wearability occupies the 10 times above that saying is traditional and organic coating. It is rice of accept of radical of pottery and porcelain is joined in craft of coating of electric arteries and veins composite material will come true, have fight metallic cut to reach wear away ability. Composite material technology applied accept rice to the body that material of ball of pottery and porcelain, crystal, blame crystal, pipe or other are less than 100 accept rice and organic colophony are combined and be become. Rice of this kind of accept although composite material coating is conventional technology, but use electrophoresis to undertake deposit brings a lot of difficult point to LVH company. This kind of technology is in the adornment function such as reservation coating transparency while, make coating is able to bear or endure cut and wear-resisting caustic. The another bottleneck technology that the problem that engineering technology exists is perplexing composite material to apply in great quantities is his the problem that a lot of remaining that solve still exists in engineering technology. To reduce composite material cost, developed a variety of low cost engineering technology in recent years, include to spread solidify of autoclave of figuration of silk of belt, automatic shop, liquid state, blame automatically to wait. Automatic shop is taken and spread filar technology automatically among them development is stabler, and the technology of form a complete set such as solidify of autoclave of liquid state figuration, blame and mould, join is in development facing a large number of thorny problems however. (1) spin becomes body beforehand + issue of technology of liquid state figuration. Although VARTM technology has development outlook very much, but its repeatability is restricted, main reason is: The changeability of · raw material. Include to enhance body and colophony system. · each pace the automation of process. Become the automation of the lay up of body and infiltration process beforehand especially. Tool of · fictitious design, the composite material that basically includes colophony flow to forecast software, synthesization is finite yuan of software package. Dry buildup the fabric form that body coils with all sorts of becoming normally is supplied. Woven because the product can produce a ruffle in fabric, accordingly intensity can be reduced somewhat. And via basketwork because its are osmotic apparent under machine fabric, undertake dip ooze not easily again normally consequently. With the tradition beforehand dip makings photograph is compared, dry buildup body makes independent silk bundle / fiber is reached in cut assemble and unassemble process Central Africa often moves easily, because this is possible those who cause fiber orientaton is askew or bring about pinhole, thereby aborning causes local defect. Current, the shop of fabric folds unfulfilment automation, accordingly, the operation of handlers is accurate the precision that degree becomes remarkable influence finally body beforehand. In the production that becomes body beforehand process lieutenant general expends many labour force, can raise production cost consequently. Settlement method is to study automatic shop is put machine. Common RTM as a result of the mould complex, mould is out of shape big, lack low viscosity colophony, use at machining the small-sized component such as a few bridge, costal region, casing only at present. In fact, the tenacity that at present RTM colophony place has reachs the level of oxygen of generation annulus only. In F-22 production process, slant as a result of component part big, it is very difficult to accuse those who make a pattern to be out of shape. To improve RTM the problem of tenacity on the low side, developed Priform technology by Cytec. The pressure after this company exhibited to use what the Priform technology of new-style type makes recently lies between casing. Standard Priform is used thermoplastic flexibilizer spins fiber and braid together with carbon fiber, what the flexibilizer of the Priform of new-style type uses is hot those who blow but dissolve film, this film inserts carbon fiber between the belt, form the fabric that a kind of blame braids, film dissolves and hand in lump to form the component part that add pliable but strong with annulus oxygen matrix. In all sorts of derive technologies of RTM, in all sorts of derive craft of VARTM, can accuse infiltration of atmosphere pressure colophony (CAPRI) assist figuration with vacuum (VAP) it is two kinds of methods that have a characteristic quite. Among them the advantage of CAPRI law is to be able to make fiber bulk content raises 5% ~ 10% . VAP uses the film of attack by surprise that contains small hole in buy of vacuum bag transfer to a lower level, exhaust can come true in infiltration process, reduce stomatic generation thereby. (2) issue of technology of blame autoclave solidify. Blame autoclave solidify got dispute quite all the time in the past. If be in 787 production process, contractor of blame United States offers formerly RFI use blame autoclave solidify, company of Dan Bo news passes test and verify, think tenacity does not satisfy normative requirement, because this still needs autoclave solidify. Among them crucial question is how to be limitted " autoclave quality " . Current, more and more manufacturer generate doubt surely to original holiday. They think, blame autoclave solidify can make fiber bulk content decreases really, but its impact is very little, if be in VARTM technology, the fiber bulk content of one-way belt and fabric already was achieved respectively 60% with 56% , and the corresponding value that autoclave solidify can reach also is only 62% with 58% . Accordingly, talk at autoclave law relatively, of tenacity reduce be in 3% ~ about 4% between. And decide the acceptability of a kind of product, evaluate performance only extreme rather, decrease quality of number of heavy, spare parts, producibility, handling time, surface and cost factor to also should consider integratedly, consequently, be not autoclave solidify or foreground to value. What be close to traditional method more than VARTM and RTM is to use what develop to be not autoclave solidify is special beforehand dip makings, it is next in solidify furnace solidify. Current, MTM44-1 of composite material of the solidify outside first autoclave of company of advanced composite material already obtained empty guest to approbate with become structural member. MTM44-1 is solidify of a kind of two paces (180 ℃ of 130 ℃ ~ ) high-powered pliable but strong changes annulus oxygen base beforehand dip belt, after be being handled via low-pressure vacuum bag, have small hole rate. Can create large whole structure. MTM44-1 has two to plant beforehand dip takes a form (belt and fabric) . What applying at present and undertake conformity certification is other 3 kinds beforehand dip contains MTM45-1, MTM46 and MVR444. (3) mould problem. The pattern that figuration of advanced composite material uses makes the technology that is a kind of nicety, must dimension accurate, surface is bright and clean had spent, can endure the solidify of much loop. Accordingly, remove production cost to hold high, 75% what abundant the production cost of mould of cut down steel occupies structural member to make cost sometimes especially. For this, the production need of the mould innovates ceaselessly, main show is in: Mould of frivolous case of · nickel alloy; · uses low-pressure RTM; · uses metallic coating on composite material mould; · carbon / the pattern that double horse material makes; The pattern that the solidify in · oven uses; · appearance recalls polymer pattern; Foam patternmaking provides · carbon; Technology of · accept rice is right the modified of the mould; · uses black lead / annulus oxygen composite material mould. CNC Milling