Optimize lathe tool to improve productivity substantially

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Mass-produced in put in a lot of worry influence variable. Below this kind of circumstance, a kind small-sized shape lathe tool is handed in a mouth to praise, its occurrence makes a lot of variable are become no longer not influencing factor. Mass-produced have its oneself law. Accordingly to one, 2 million batch production, need maintains the quality level of treatment from beginning to end inside very long period of time. Of first consideration is to exist to more or less affect variable. Below a lot of circumstances, the temperature change of the machine tool may differ completely, cutting tool cannot be forecasted to machining exterior influence, the raw material of different batch is impossible also that just the same is waited a moment. Every week 7 days, , the moving condition of the machine tool also is uncontrollable. Hani company (the manufacturer of hardware of a turning that is located in Swiss Arch) vice-president Mr Urs Steinemann says: "To most spare parts, ask we are achieved very the noise of high quality standard is in season very short. " he says: This asks we have an origanization construction that suits to it, undertake planning to integral condition, in order to satisfy this kind of requirement. Only such, ability changes this kind of complex requirement into the opportunity of our enterprise. The Christoph Schlaginhaufen of district selling manager of Dihawag company emphasizes: Regard cutting tool as the supplier, our job provides the cutting tool that can complete this kind of work namely, want to reach optimal level, in order to get used to craft requirement of future, of course the variable exception that we do not allow to change. In fact, till recently ability achieves this one goal, the Horn Supermini lathe tool that uses a course to optimize on much axis lathe for example is in mass-produced medium application. Since January 2008, the administrative job of this company already transferred next generation people. Nowadays, this company is done by Ralph Hani and Urs Steinemann. Apply to companies of a variety of mass-produced Hani of machine tool   only then built 1939, existing employee 120 people. This company ever was engaged in punch treatment, since 1971, basically be engaged in turning processing business. After this, the business flourishing of this household company, 10 every years manufacturing site enlarges one times, employee amount also enlarges parallel to increase with what produce field. Steinemann says, the major servicing of this company is the spare parts that machines diametical 1-40mm, among them 50% above are car spare parts, the client of 30-35% is electric equipment company, the others is with medical treatment technology. Normally, auto industry product is long term product, basically be to be in Arch factory, with circumgyrate transfer matic, hydraulic press and treatment of much axis lathe; Lathe of odd axis CNC basically is used at machining batch to be in 5000-20000 the spare parts between, this kind of product is medical treatment equipment normally, organize production completely by machine tool type namely (graph 1) . Say according to Steinemann, outside dividing the CNC turning job shops that uses machine tool of odd axis CNC, still have a common lathe workshop and one is used common reach CNC the workshop of much axis lathe, and hydraulic press bed belongs to an independent workshop. Because a lot of spare partses need to have exterior precision work, the company still sets grinding job shops, because the 90% need after be being machined to the spare parts of 95% are cleaned, because this still is set,clean a workshop. Company of graph 1 Hani (turning hardware manufacturer) have circumgyrate transfer matic, hydraulic press, odd axis and much axis lathe to wait finish apply to a variety of mass-produced treatment facilities to optimize make inside work efficiency of aperture lathe tool raises Andrea Esposito of one times   is director of workshop of much axis machine tool, basically be in charge of daily (every week 7 days, everyday 24 hours) manufacturing project. Majority auto industry uses turning spare parts is the production on the machine tool that is in charge of in him, its model spare parts is to adjust the control a powerful person that oil of exhaust, platoon uses. Say according to Esposito, the machine tool of this workshop includes lathe of much axis of Tomos MultiDeco 20/6, the product that basically is used at machining batch to go to 1 million in 200 thousand above (graph 2) . Meanwhile, the short line product that this workshop still is in charge of machining batch to go to 50000 in 20000. But no matter why be planted circumstance, must achieve the exterior quality of the requirement and public errand. Material of this kind of workpiece basically is steel, stainless steel and brass. Came two years in the past, this company is machined with MultiDeco machine tool all the time 1.

4105 stainless steel make solid a system of fixed quotas for marketing. Diameter of the aperture inside the spare parts uses Horn Supermini lathe tool to machine to 5.

65mm. When treatment, rotate speed is 2700-2800r/min, feed rate turns for every 0.

01mm comes 0.

02mm, with much axis lathe but minutely treatment 6 spare partses. Esposito says: Original, what we use is the lathe tool of another manufacturer. In the meantime, try out a variety of replacement scheme, in an attempt to raises the dependability of treatment and the quality level that reach a requirement. We are using Horn piece hind just succeeded really. Graph Andrea Esposito of 2 departments director says: Batch from the 200 thousand car to 1 million component is to use lathe of Tornos MultiDeco20/6 much axis to machine Nextpage   to say according to Schlaginhaufen normally, this company is to use lathe tool of Horn standard type to undertake machining at the beginning, but appeared a lot of problems, if grow,cut bits, the material function of each batches of products has change to wait. They find a kind of cutting tool structure that can break bits very quickly, but action the pressure on bit is very great, easy cause bit to rupture. Add on the blade breaking bits of H form cutting tool a deputy blade can make critical role stability comes down. Nowadays, blade grinds the cutting blade not need of new-style cutting tool, also won't rupture. Accordingly, this company had a kind of special bit that solved the problem that break bits, and can press a demand beforehand buy breakpoint, the special razor blade that designs by standard structure even also is such. After dropping afore-mentioned new-style bit the person to use a few months only, inside workpiece apparently when machining groove, the problem that never has had a kind before appeared. This may be different material character be caused by. Schlagin-haufen says, after changing bit of better with quality coating exceeding nitrogen, this problem also was solved (graph 3) . "This kind of coating that develops by Hom company is had exceed large fine construction, the surface is slick, and the product than before more heat-resisting and wear-resisting. " graph internal diameter of 3 solid a system of fixed quotas for marketing uses Horn Supermini lathe tool to machine to 5.

65mm. Because used course of shape of this kind of geometry to optimize,the machine tool adds what work efficiency leads to rise is, esposito emphasizes the cutting tool   that the surface has new-style coat exceeding nitrogen glossily: "Use the Supermini that the course optimizes, capacity of spare parts treatment is jumped from 5000 rise 12000. Because form cutting problem of groove was solved before 3 months, a knife can use 2 days continuously, and have everyday before should change a knife. The exterior quality of treatment is able to rise substantially. From daily examine daily in light of, the exterior surface roughness that the regulation must achieve is Ra0.

20 μ M (graph 4) . The place before collecting in order to uses bit, be in a long time only later, we dare not assure to achieve a requirement. Use Horn bit now, make treatment through subsequently light, exterior quality can be stabilized achieve Ra0.

08 μ M-0.

14 μ M. Did not optimize in cutting tool before, produces part often needs do poorly done work over again, must reach the quality level of the requirement completely through add treatment ability. The cost that controls treatment boils after dropping a car nowadays, qualitative check charge also decreases subsequently (graph 5) . " graph 4 now, with Supermini lathe tool, can machine 12000 solid a system of fixed quotas for marketing, essence of life cuts exterior surface roughness to be able to be stabilized achieve Ra0.

08 μ M-0.

14 μ M, and cutting tool service life increases one times plan 5 cutting tool are optimized after finishing, urs Steinemann (left) the favorable positive result that proves to quality inspection not only with Christoph Schlaginhaufen expresses satisfaction, and corresponding ground reduced do poorly done work over again to measure cutting tool to optimize should last in different and excessive phase, supermini can be applied to through optimizing mass-produced. With respect to its complex degree machines parameter with what change ceaselessly for, be in whole in optimizing a process, a few companies (Hani, Dihawag and Horn) investment is larger. Nevertheless, this project still lasted one year between half. Project expense explained this category eye is mixed to the partner the importance that how solves mass-produced problem. Schlaginhaufen emphasizes, with respect to this project character, sincere letter is the foundation that cooperates with Hani company. Steinemann thinks: If we miss effectively work, we must are with sincere letter this, close the relation of we and supplier and client. As a result of the leader of departmental door, be like Mr Esposito, be in know sth like the palm of one's hand to the advantage of the supplier, can fall in essential condition so, can make quick response to the client's requirement. Cutting tool is optimized is a durative project. Disclose according to Schlaginhaufen, the newest project that having is to let operator sleep good become aware. This respect still is put in a few problems. If there are 10 to be able to move reliably in 12 knives of much axis lathe, this project succeeded. This can make he is at ease, let him feel better. His responsibility collects the information of the user and feeling uninterruptedly namely, give manufacturer its. Horn criterion assemble these information. If special cutting tool is standardized ceaselessly, optimize the process can be accelerated and affect actively to other user generation. This is the thing of cutting tool itself not just, and it is to be engaged in every week the lifetime career of generator. Our user faces increasingly severe pressure, want to produce the product with lower, more reliable price quickly. As cutting tool the supplier must face up to this kind of pressure, need is offerred ceaselessly more reliable with more durable cutting tool, want to make a process more to understanding as far as possible. In Arch, what this kind of production process faces the whole world to compete namely is mass-produced. CNC Milling