Laser Cutting technology processes medium application in food

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"Laser knife " , regard a kind of efficient automatic cutting as the tool, go up in medicine and be thrown to use already in metallic treatment, but very few however in food treatment somebody applies. Here, the feasibility that in discussing laser knife to be machined in food with the reader, applies reachs advantage. Laser is to use illumination, heat reach the method such as discharge to arouse specific material, fall in the action of syntonic antrum, make corporeal interior happens get a kind of when stimulate radiation oscillation and arise special light. Use the high power that stimulates beam of light and tall directional characteristic, use proper optical focusing device, can form extremely fine beam of light, use cutting metal and organic thing, this is laser knife. Laser Cutting is treatment of contact of a kind of blame, consequently very clean sanitation. In addition, its treatment rate is rapid, treatment amount is large, cuts section is smooth and orderly, and can the form that will be wanted into any place by treatment content cutting. These advantages of Laser Cutting, there is economic value very much in food treatment. For example: Wait with Laser Cutting noodle, biscuit, fish, flesh, bone, vegetable and fruit, its section will be more smooth, and appearance is neat. Also can cut special figure, regard new product as modelling. Cut food with laser knife, any knives are versed in transcendental chef is rivalled hard, use actually especially in respect of big batch cutting. Because laser knife is,be edge with photon, ke Feng benefit cuts off the macromolecule of organic matter extremely. Protein member is very old, after dissectioning with laser knife, will conduce to digest. Reach with film of laser hilt cell, nucleolus dissection character between the cell, the nutrition that can make constituent structure medium and functional composition are released. This is very helpful to collecting nutrition and functional material, can rise rate and crop. Be like: The member of nucleic acid is very old, usable laser knife is cut " fractional " . With enzymatic cut nucleic acid into nucleic acid segment, that is chemical cutting, and laser knife is physical cut. The nucleic acid that comes out by laser knife cut is fractional, its two end will reveal a wrong the section of molecular structure, they may have new put in order to change character and function. This is the task that is worth thorough research and development. With laser knife wall of will yeasty cell dissections, it is a kind of new broken wall technology, be helpful for extracting RNA. If dissection nucleolus, will be helpful for extracting DNA. This shows, laser knife is in food treatment, no matter be actual application or scientific research development, be worth to pay close attention to. Current, laser knife equipment already had industry to reach medical goods, with personal computer controallable the rate of its cutting and cut circuitry. If install food to machine product line to go up, replaceable or the part replaces face knife, swell mix cutting tool, saw blade and broach, the character that can use it changes certain food to machine appearance to develop new product conveniently. Be like: When with laser knife cut fresh pork, beef, chicken reachs seafood, can wait for even bone, skin and fiber to be cut off simultaneously, do not leave end of broken bone damage, and less excessive blood. Contain colloid or the thing of semifluid shape, if glue of the root of remembranous milk vetch, jujube creams, donkey-hide gelatin, sealwort, cultivated land and oyster, all can dissection trimly with laser knife. With laser knife concentrated cut, can connect cruelly oppress fish bone to be cut off together, not only make fish bone shortens, attenuate, the fish bone when solving edible blocks the problem of larynx, and the good part such as the calcic qualitative, sticky polysaccharide that still makes fish bone medium and vitriolic cartilage element gets using. Same method still applies at birds cultivate bone and conch treatment. Applied laser knife still can make plant crude fibre, woodiness become resemble can eating fiber in that way " broken soft " . Because stimulate the velocity of light of beam of light,get quickly breathtaking, yi Ke is mixed with laser knife cutting smash be in water or in other liquid not fixity, this is machining the economic value that special provision comparatives from time to tome. CNC Milling