Ground pound sensor uses breakdown daily analytic

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Weighing heavy sensor is the most crucial part in ground pound, it removes a gravity to express the intention that becomes telegraphic name, if say heavy sensor occurrence breakdown will cause the error in changeover, affect the regular job of ground pound directly. Say heavy sensor occurrence breakdown may cause ground pound error big, cannot clear, slant carry an error the phenomenon such as big, repeatability difference. Search say heavy sensor breakdown can adopt the following method: Check with avometer inside wiring box incentive (+ EX) and negative drive (- the resistance between EX) (measure on the line column that leads to appearance inside wiring box) , its block value is counted for 400D/ sensor about. Outputting with what avometer measures total output to carry (+ Si) and negative output (- between Si) resistor, its block value is 2500Q/ sectional number about (note) , if discover block value is incorrect, press next searching. Note: Sectional it is perpendicular balance stage fore-and-aft direction, the face of each pairs of sensor. Namely sectional and general have a pair of sensor, if 30t ground pound has 4 sensor, divide in two sectional on, sectional number is 2. Successive disconnects sensor, with afore-mentioned (the method of 1) , measure losing incentive end or losing value of the impedance between output end, the sensor that fish damaged. If this pace examination does not have a problem, press the pace continues to search. weight used on a balance ordinal put in balance stage individually sectional on, if discover that sectional indication is incorrect, put weight on this sectional sensor horn again (control part) , fish bad sensor, changing sensor. Or come away of some sensor + Si, - Si end is in resistance is not measured below electrify circumstance, answer to be controlled in 350Q, below electrify circumstance, measure the volts d.c. of two end, set sensor capacity to be K, the power that it gets actually is F, if use 8142 instrument, criterion voltage value should be: 12.

5X2F/K(mV) . Case: Breakdown phenomenon: Pound of ground of electron of a 30t when its indication when negative, say serious error is bigger. Breakdown analysis: Occurrence breakdown of A, rigid structure; B, sensor damages. Breakdown processing: Press with forklift of a 3t quadrilateral, discover among them one horn error is particularly big. Reckon sensor malfunctions. Inside box of come away wiring each sensor down-lead, measure its to input output resistor with avometer poor value is not quite great. The key measures difference to be worth the sensor of that one larger part, discover input resistor change is bigger (normal value is 4Q) of 382 Q ± , change this sensor, breakdown eliminates namely. CNC Milling