Aperture of aluminium alloy spare parts adds the newest option of labour

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The newest choice that aperture of aluminium alloy spare parts machines falls to how realizing synergism this, coming from Danish You Ni to not overcome the solution that limited company brings for us is, those who pass pair of cutting tool optimize the efficient treatment that will realize aperture of aluminium alloy spare parts. Well-known, although of cutting tool purchase cost to occupy whole component to make the share with very few cost only, but its are right efficiency of the treatment precision of workpiece, treatment is having immediate effect however with production cost. Graph reamer of PCD of type of 1 helix chamfer comes for years, danish blame Buddhist nun not restrains limited company (abbreviation UNIMERCO) with world-renowned car manufacturer the home is maintaining close cooperation. In the light of copper or aluminium alloy material qualitative aperture is machined, the new-style diamond cutting tool that UNIMERCO develops -- reamer of PCD of helix chamfer type (show 1 times like the graph) , can solve effectively before the problem with brief life of aperture treatment cutting tool, the big batch that satisfied auto industry produces demand. UNIMERCO is an is engaged in a client technically machining plan to optimize custom-built cutting tool that having 40 old histories produces a business, series of reamer of PCD of helix chamfer type is one of positive result that its have innovation most. The biggest characteristic of this one patent product is, the sharp edge edge PCD razor blade and the high accuracy of corkscrewed yarn course of the chamfer that retreat bit are machined and solder craft is united in wedlock faultlessly together, solved rotate in the tens of thousands of high speed that turn assure to cut bits below cutting the difficult problem of successful eduction. Compare with photograph of common PCD reamer, its characteristic is oriented sex the better, function that repair light bits of better, platoon is fluenter, treatment efficiency but twice rises. The graph builds structure of the aperture that hold out column 2 crocks to pursue here, let us pass two real case to make farther understanding to this one new-style cutting tool. Representative application 1, machine engine crock to because the construction of engine is complex,cover the hole that hold out column, technical content is high, all the time since, the production of its component makes the focal point that is people place attention. When building the aperture that hold out column to have precision work to the crock, cutting tool service life is brief the technical personnel that perplexing manufacturing a gleam of all the time. The structure that the crock builds the aperture that hold out column is shown 2 times like the graph. The close cooperation of some Motor Corporation of course and home, UNIMERCO successful development went special treatment to add up to fair motive crock gently the new-style essence reamer of Gai Tingzhu aperture (show 3 times like the graph) , solved afore-mentioned problems effectively. Graph the structure that this reamer of UNIMERCO of sketch map of reamer of 3 new-style essence has screw type, have 2 cutting blade and 6 oriented Xiu Guang. Carry out a proof, this product solved burr problem not only, and compare with photograph of other PCD cutting tool, its commonly used cutting parameter got rising greatly: Rough machining surplus is unilateral 0.

35mm, n=10000r/min of finish machining rotate speed, feed leads Fn = 3200mm/min, rate of the feed that retreat a knife is 6000mm/min, repair the life before grinding to be able to be stabilized achieve 150 thousand aperture, came true not to have burr almost, achieve lens side effect. The cutting parameter photograph that uses other cutting tool so with this Motor Corporation is compared, fn = 1800mm/min, fz=0.

045, life makes an appointment with 70 thousand aperture, efficiency had remarkable promotion. 2, machine aperture of automatic gear-box pilot valve this is UNIMERCO cutting tool in Europe aperture of pilot valve of body of a powerful person machines some automatic gear-box of well-known company to use case mediumly. The car is automatic the treatment of aperture of pilot valve of body of gear-box a powerful person is the labour with the top demand in craft of treatment of whole casing aperture. For 8% ~ in the commonly used quantity that contain silicon the body of 16% aluminium alloy a powerful person between are machined in, the cutting tool plan that UNIMERCO adopts normally is " one thick one essence " the combination of two knives. □ rough machining: Use knife of reaming of UM PCD straight chamfer, if pursue,4 are shown. Its machine rotate speed N=8000r/min, feed leads Fn=0.

3mm/min. Graph cutting tool of 4 rough machining and workpiece are sectional the main characteristic of this one new-style cutting tool is: □ is good at having the treatment that interferes aperture; □ long light and oriented sex are first-rate, can make sure tall circularity, cylinder is spent consequently, bright and clean spend a requirement; □ is had go outstandingly burr function, do not need special follow-up basically to go burr working procedure; The 3 ~ that □ treatment efficiency is straight chamfer cutting tool normally 8 times, reduce the client's equipment and personnel cost directly thereby. □ finish machining: Use reamer of essence of life of type of chamfer of UM PCD helix, if pursue,5 are shown. Its machine rotate speed N=10000r/min, feed leads Fn=0.

5mm/min. Graph cutting tool of 5 finish machining and workpiece picture are used " one thick one essence " treatment program, the treatment surface of workpiece has very ideal lens side effect, can realize exterior surface roughness Ra is amounted to 0.

08 ~ 0.

20, and repair life of the cutting tool before grinding to be able to be stabilized achieve 80 thousand aperture. Last word now, the product of this one new-style cutting tool that UNIMERCO develops already got an user approbate, be applied extensively at automatic gear-box the aperture of force plunger of oil pump of aperture of aperture of pilot valve of body of a powerful person, gearlever aperture, crock Gaiting column, spiracle conduit aperture, fixed position aperture, gush, finish machining craft that changes aperture of pilot valve of a powerful person and other precision requirement to taller aperture. In addition, the PCD of high-end blame mark that precedes as the world and hard alloy are custom-built tool manufacturer, optimize program supplier, UNIMERCO can provide satisfactory service for broad user not only, also can use cutting tool of integral hard alloy and PCD cutting tool according to the actual condition of different user at the same time cutting tool of composition of cutting tool of other perhaps level machines Team Work, make all sorts of cutting tool get in the advantage in metallic treatment complementary, help user achieves favorable integrated beneficial result. CNC Milling