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Any has the person of asset and intent, can buy a machine tool. But, not be each person can push a same yield from same table machine tool. Of many turn tower tool carrier and / or the compound machine tool of main shaft, have very large production latent capacity, because they often can be on itself machine tool,machine a spare parts entirely. Of course, these machine tools want than the lathe that makes easily and milling machine expensive. But, apparent, those executive production are seasonable shipment and the workshop that reduce lot, realize the profitable potential of this kind of machine tool, because their sale is annual,grow. This is the optimal choice of equipment of choose and buy. Although earlier investment is some more expensive, but provide bigger get one's own back later. But, compound machine tool cannot rely on its itself to be finished alone. Choose different treatment unit and strategy, union is used at an efficient treatment process, to big workshop and general workshop, have very big distinction. The calculator is auxiliary make (the challenge that CAM) process designing remains pair of compound treatment machine tools, it is not afraid of involve the come to an agreement that completes a few working procedure and the component of a lot of machine tools at the same time to move motion. The tool also can rise to make with destructive effect. Can imagine on logic, considering flexible the compound machine tool of the design, can be being used also is flexible tool. Such tool can use the treatment process that completes the knife all sorts of differring only. One suits the interface of all-purpose main shaft of turning and milling working procedure, also can increase all-purpose sex of treatment. This has a few reasons: Above all, can save a space, specifically, economic turn the space of tower tool carrier. What be located in compound machine tool to go up surely is much turn tower tool carrier and main shaft, limitted the space that machines an area not only, and the size that also limitted knife library. For example, one can complete 5 single-broadsword event that machine working procedure, can save give 4 knives. Next, those additional blade holder, can use clip to hold those to need a lot of treatment working procedure or other tool to have expansion, the different cutting tool of the spare parts of the working procedure of unmanned guard. Next, through eliminating the worthless additional time that change a knife, make cycle time faster. For example, a compound cutting tool can need main shaft graduation only, turn different circumgyrate razor blade reach the designated position. The 3rd, OK and efficient the main shaft interface of all-purpose, standardization that has milling and bore process, can have platform of a general cutting tool only, contented workshop is all working procedure. This standardization concept accords with the strategy that seed profit creates. Shanteweikekeleman is visited recently (SandvikCoromant) when the international headquarters that in Sweden Sang Dewei agrees, its showed the value of the compound knife station that provides for compound machine tool, for example its Coroplex series. The mining that this the visit includes to visit it and the manufacturing facility that build a department, the equipment of its sororal tool company, what attend to with the robot is unit, a future life of compound machine tool that union contains compound cutting tool produces parts of all sorts of mining solder head. The tool is multi-purpose the gender designs a respect in compound cutting tool, have a few kinds of different means of settlements. One kind is the bit that there are milling and turning in the design on one alone cutter hub. This one knife can finish mill of car of axial shoulder mill or round interpolation, and car end panel and vertical car, figuration car or inside turning. Want to make a knife can undertake turning and milling, need a kind of design, it is namely when cutting tool milling, turning razor blade does not contact workpiece. To avoid to contact, the positional as it happens of milling razor blade is located in in axial and radial before turning razor blade, so that become when cutting tool milling, lathe tool does not undertake cutting. Another kind of technology is, fixed position of two cars razor blade is opposite of a cutter hub. Cutting tool is achievable foreword of thick lathe work, next main shaft graduation 180 ° , undertake essence of life is cut. Return meat and fish dishes additionally a concept is to make standard miniature turns tower device can tie 4 kinds of different cutting kind, a knife can complete 4 turning process. For example, make finish the knife alone whorl of grooving and thick car, fine vehicle, car. The user can choose the couple of means of this kind of cutting, it depends on the type of the spare parts and require treatment process. Maintain the precision of line of cutting tool center, ensure to compound machine tool cutting tool nicety locates, working procedure of the turning that finish, it is particularly important. This should have a standardization, all-purpose main shaft namely / the reason of cutting tool interface. A such interface, to compound machine tool it is effective, because of their main shaft, can use at milling, or in turning working procedure locking reachs the designated position. Process designing and tool tool company are in when rolling out new tool to design, the CAM software that one of problems that face sometimes are new tool supports lag. Normally, although won't make as a result of new tool,process designing has more difficulty. Want a cutting tool that can complete milling and turning process, change turning from milling, need a main shaft only accurate graduation, turn turning razor blade to proper place. If that cutting tool is the word that cuts with Yu Xi, won't have process designing difficulty, because this cutting tool is a milling cutter essentially, there is car bit above and Si. Be emulated through the process and synchronous computation can decrease turn the possibility that collides between tower tool carrier, each main shaft and B axis. In the collision that emulation phase notices, can make the programmer corrects a problem before treatment. Two main shaft and each turn the time plan that all treatment of tower tool carrier dictate also is helpful. The issue that the CAM when using compound machine tool should consider is complex the machine tool can appear with a variety of settings, but every kinds of type can realize a variety of cutting working procedure typically at the same time. Turn the synchronism with tower tool carrier and proper main shaft, be being operated to completing these much task order is very important. This works, still have avoid to collide, be given a programmer to finish. The requirement of CAM system depends on the setting of specific compound machine tool. Pathtrace Systems (is close hold a few programming that bring Simon Lee of manager of market of city Southfield) to provide a few kinds of general settings device, help programmer makes full use of these are flexible machine tool. Deputy main shaft, in job of machine tool of deputy main shaft, deputy main shaft moves main shaft position, collect workpiece, next, it turns clamp into main shaft, the treatment working procedure of the continue that finish. If material is good stuff, cut off working procedure to must combine collect operation. If in main shaft successive revolving carries out collect at the same time, criterion efficiency is taller. CAM system besides main shaft automatic and retractile, spare parts is cut off and deputy main shaft is retractile outside the instruction, still should support this one process. Turn more tower tool carrier, as a result of the machine tool turn number of tower tool carrier increases, of process designing complex degree also increase. Normally configuration turns with two tower tool carrier, can undertake balance and mirror cutting circulate. To these working procedure, two turn tower tool carrier will be machined at the same time in the opposite side of workpiece. CAM software must make turn tower tool carrier is synchronous, also want to carry out mathematical cycle time calculation. If CAM software is offerred,every turn the instruction watch of tower tool carrier is more advantageous. These can edit synchronous dot and relevant treatment statement. Can offer every to turn browser of instruction of tower tool carrier side by side the software of view, conduce to arrangement synchronism nodding, reduce the free time in treatment, prevent to turn tower tool carrier and main shaft collision. B axis is machined, it is OK to be machined with B axis milling mix holds the any part in two main shaft. To gain highest treatment efficiency, CAM software should make B axis main shaft can be used at 2.

5 axes milling and bore working procedure, and free figuration or planar treatment. Knife tower, the happens possibly collision between main shaft and B axis main shaft can be emulated through the process and synchronous operation is reduced lowermost rate. In the collision of emulation phase clew allows programmer to correct a problem before treatment. In addition, time line means conduces to see include main shaft and turn all treatment directive of the tower. The Shan Dewei that the application of compound treatment sets in dimension of Swedish mulberry heart to agree restrains mining and building department, began to produce steeliness mining to get with compound machine tool 2001. Because use the much job that the robot attends to compound machine tool is unit and not be to use a series of special machine tool, the manufacturing Si of this company can transfer Sweden from sweated Mexico. The operation that is in Mexico used 7 machine tools, complete 8 different process, need 50 workers. Spare parts from order goods the cycle of delivery is 20 days. Be in Sweden, the compound treatment that uses automation is unit, finish all turning, milling and auger cut working procedure, reduce a hardware from order goods the cycle of delivery arrives 5 days, use 12 workers only. What show below, newest compound treatment is unit, use robot attends to machine tool of 3 Nakamura STS 40. The knife library that these machine tools have clip to hold 40 knives, it is 30 among them in knife library permanent fixed position, 10 knives are pressed be changed by treatment spare parts. The Capto standardization main shaft that Shan Dewei overcomes / cutting tool interface also is used, because it can be used at turning and milling working procedure. For working procedure of a few turning, the machine tool can use the compound cutting tool that has two bit, use at thick cut and essence of life is cut. CNC Milling