Edition of Pro/E bush fire brief introduction of 3 new functions

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The edition of Pro/E bush fire that is about to roll out by April 2006 3.

0, it is the newest version of product of bush fire of PTC company Pro/Engineer. Compare with photograph of version of before two bush fire, bush fire 3.

The 0 optimal practice that contained to abound, can help an user complete the work easily. New version aims to enhance function and outstanding quality, improve individual and flow efficiency considerably. We let come one case below It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. , see the bottom has the change of what particular function. Above all, bush fire edition is in roll out when put forward to be used easily simply namely, each other of powerful, interconnection connects the function 3 big characteristics, as bush fire 3.

Of 0 roll out, these characteristics are more marked got reflecting: 1. Fire of be out of office 3.

0 before, scanning mixes a feature (Swept Blend) it is to pass menu management implement the trochoid that undertakes place needs operating will choose to found a feature, sectional wait for an element, define curved surface between tangent have a feature found, if pursue 1.

1, graph 1.

2; And fire of be out of office 3.

0 in, the face founds the means march that used icon board and window operation band and tangent definition, especially tangent definition, use mouse operation to be able to be finished in working window directly, improved the efficiency that the engineer designs greatly. If pursue 1.

3, graph 1.

4; 2. Bush fire 3.

The user of 0 placed means to abandon from definition feature menu management implement, enter the window to operate an interface, went to the lavatory the management of the user. 3. Bush fire 3.

0 in duplicate feature (Ctrl+C) support for many times stickup (Ctrl+V) operation, can duplicate simply for example one guides round character trait, next for many times stickup go up to the side of what what choose, what realize these margins thereby is fast guide round horn is operated. Duplicate and stickup and OK be used to be in include Ban gold module inside on numerous feature. 4. Bush fire 3.

Support of the 0 features that take case undertakes choosing to assure to smoke the accuracy of housing thereby to needing to smoke the curved surface of housing. If pursue 1.

6 it is bush fire 2.

The effect; that 0 version take case pursues 1.

7 it is bush fire 3.

0 version pass the effect that case takes after eliminating curved surface of cup handle place. 5. Array function gets buildup further. Added curvilinear array function newly, after delaying curved surface array, array again the function such as array, refer to next graphs. 6. In careless draw implement next offerring commonly used careless draw is sectional, be versed in for instance word, L, T sectional, and can need according to the client define oneself sectional undertake saving, so that be used in the future, improved the efficiency with careless sectional draw greatly. If pursue 1.

8. 7. Simplified to exit careless draw implement know step really. Fire of be out of office 3.

Before 0 version, the operation that need has 3 times exiting just can exit careless draw implement return default environment; And bush fire 3.

0 version need to exit an operation to be able to return default environment to fall only. 8. Careless draw implement the support that plays pair of form of a written or printed character received extension, increased font of OpenType Fonts (OTF) , augment of library of this font support and word are apart from adjust, be in at present other still does not support this style in three-dimensional software. 9. Assemble use operation of icon board mode already completely, more the style that accords with PRO/E of bush fire edition, assemble and orgnaization motion can be in icon board environment optional switch, support is assembling an environment next use belong to an orgnaization to move to procrastinate mediumly so move a function to examine a model, and can show the interference case between each component in real time. When assemble, the referenced element that needs to be assembled in the individual choice in spare parts and component only for instance curved surface or axes, the system can analyse tie type automatically and add a tie automatically, realized a mouse not to leave working window to fulfil working function namely, if pursue 1.

9 it is bush fire 3.

The assembly drawing of 0 mark board environment. 10. In ISDX (seesaw pattern curved surface is designed) in module, bush fire 3.

0 can have a definition directly to the tangent relation between curved surface, through the choice tangent or curvature can define the relation between curved surface continuously, software is met add the relevant music space that does not have tangent relation automatically tangent relation, saved software to design the time of curved surface thereby, rose to design the efficiency of curved surface. 11. In ISDX (seesaw pattern curved surface is designed) in module, new the tool that increased scale circle and circular arc, the curve that raised seesaw pattern curved surface to design module establishs ability, if pursue 1.

10. The whirl that increased a curve, shrink put a function, went to the lavatory curvilinear editor, if pursue 1.

11. 12. Bush fire 3.

0 in apply colours to a drawing the respect had very big improvement, outside edit besides what provided setting and saving a function, still rolled out brand-new spherical lamplight controls a method, can drag through procrastinating accurate inside 3D space undertake lamplight is controlled. If pursue 1.

12. Divide this beyond, bush fire 3.

0 still allow an user to edit PhotoLUX material qualitative library, support the Lightworks material qualitative library with famous industry. 13. In respect of attempt of 2 dimension project, bush fire 3.

The 0 functions that supported what compare popularity at present to lay chromatic view, if pursue 1.

13, support analyse is founded on 3D view sectional. Support outputs BOM watch the CSV form that supports for EXCEL, convenient user uses EXCEL to compile user material detailed list. Above introduced bush fire simply 3.

The 0 functions in its commonly used basic module increase, if other module is Ban gold, treatment, converse analysis of intensity of design, structure have bigger change, let what we are awaiting new version together release, the fun that enjoys a design jointly. CNC Milling