A85/A110 machine stage designs the introduction into crate

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One, is crate norms divisional show: ?  ⒒ pigs broil of  of Lian border stable gets?nextpage 3, machine stage designs reference into crate: (Note one) flat ark is to not be restricted fixed length, wide, tall, build nevertheless prolocutor and wide if go up more than,the standard of the row that express place grows reach when the standard is wide, marine cost will raise. (Note 2) be like (graph 6) be shown, although ark opening a season does not have high limitation, suffer nevertheless be restricted crate whole supports a construction, width became much the bridge that prop up, be in the left and right sides to each one prop up bridge by the 2000mm since the end end crate, at the beginning of so machine stage is designed, if want to go away when day ark, the design of machine stage bizygomatic breadth has below two kinds of dimension but choose chooses: 1.

When wide design of machine stage front within 1840mm, when the total height of machine stage exceeds 2400mm, can evaluate use. 2.

When machine stage front inside wide 2240mm, machine stage two side overall height but within 1940mm, intermediate height exceeds 2560mm, when cannot using HQ tall ark, can evaluate use, but premise props up bridge to need thrill through to control. (Note 3) when the design joins HQ ark and standard cabinet, need what notice and think at the same time to have to the height at ultimate load of machine stage: 1.

Must cooperating a decision is iron bottom or it is wooden bottom. 2.

Those who need referenced machine stage is overall weight, will choose the iron base that closes suitably or the height by wood. 4, the height of iron bottom, wood bottom and weight assemble entire list: 5, A85/A110 is overall into HQ tall ark signal explains: A85/A110 machine is planted HQ ark motherboard and A85/A110 of graphic representation of cast solid lock are overall into HQ tall ark signal explains CNC Milling