The world is the greatest hardware supermarket enters China with buying way

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With day, the moxa silent of industrial tycoon United States with world the largest scale gave birth to electric company to be organized in Shanghai " win-win of catenary of industry of building materials of metals of cooperative stimulative China " large forum, bill Patesen is making public a circumstance to address first on invitation, introduced afore-mentioned their tendercy in China. "Shanghai is the home treasure begins in China is retail getaway place. " Bill Patesen expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, he chooses to be in Shanghai in Chinese office, but because be used extremely possibly,buy means set up shop, the may not of inn of the first door that the home gets treasure to be in China can be in Shanghai. After this, the home gets treasure to be able to choose Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou him cities of these a gleam of set up shop. He introduces, the way that the home gets treasure to enter Chinese market will as entering Mexico same, begin in order to buy shopkeeper of small-sized building materials to start first, later again him set up shop, choose opportunity reentry next travel is large buy. 2001, through buying place one has the small-sized shopkeeper of 4 doors inn, the home gets treasure to enter Mexico. After 3 years today, they achieve 44 in door inn dimensions of Mexico. 100 bring group of house, Ou Beide, Oriental home, extraction, be bought by the China that home of be involved in gets treasure early or late case. But Bill Patesen avoided talking recently buy an object specificly. He tells a reporter politicly, 100 install bound of very house, beautiful home, Ou Beide, Oriental home, extraction, Le Huamei orchid it is the 6 big competitors that they are in China. According to his statistic, these 6 open store of 85 chain door in all in China at present. And the plan of set up shop that announces according to 6 big shopkeeper, to 2008, they spread several meetings to achieve 285 in Chinese registered office. "According to such development speed, chinese market cannot have accommodated shopkeeper of the 7th building materials apparently. " Bill Patesen introduces to the reporter so, accordingly, buy unavoidable of conformity of annex, industry, and the home gets what treasure will share Chinese market for a long time to buy an opportunity. The home gets treasure to founded 1978, it is the 2nd big shopkeeper that the United States is next to Woerma, whole world shopkeeper of the biggest building materials, the sale of 2004 financial year is as high as 80 billion dollar. At present main market distributings in North America area, set nearly 2000 branches in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico respectively. The home gets the stock of treasure to hand in place to trade in new York card, and be Dow-jones Average and standard general Er the composition of 500 indexes. (Zhejiang saves net of water warm valve) CNC Milling