Involute spline broach pours the correction computation type of horny tine

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Involute spline tine is covered is a car use at a when shift gear important part in transmission. In big batch production, age the spline inside covered involute uses broaching means treatment mostly. Avoid the effect of trail knock against to involute spline precision to make sure transmission shifts gear to be reached neatly, need is covered in tine inside treatment of place of tine of spline trail key pours wine cup, for this, need to age in treatment the design on broach of spline of apply mechanically involute gives horny a tooth-like part of anything. When production broach, use micrometer of public law line to pour horny tine to undertake metrical to broach commonly, but the angle pouring wine cup that covers when involute spline tine is $% ' when, because not have,measure plane, measure broach very hard to pour horn to age with micrometer of public law line. To raise the treatment craft sex of broach, below the premise that assures to be aged cover character of service by treatment, need to pour horn to age parameter undertakes correction calculation to broach. Through machining practice, summary gives broach to pour horn to age the correction calculation method of parameter is as follows: The computational broach that the graph pours horn to age sketch map pours horn to measure angle A pours horn to if pursue,age place is shown. In measuring the number that cross tine to be K=INT(Z/4)+1 type, z is counted to pull tooth. The diametical Dc that the computation that broach pours what horn ages to pour horn to measure angle to pour horny range to broach center to be apart from H for broach of A=360 ° K/2 pours horn to end a point is Dc=da+2C type in, da is trail of the spline inside the involute that is aged cover by treatment, c is horny height. Half horn Q is the center that pours horn to end a point in Q=Ec/d type, ec stops the transverse tooth thickness that nod arc to pour wine cup. The distance that pours horn to stop Ec1 of the transverse tooth thickness that nod bowstring to be able to get H=Ec1/2tanarx=h+dccos(q/2) broach to pour horny range to broach center from this for Ec1=dcsinq calculates what tine of spline of foregone 5Y-2 involute covers example for H=rxsinaWk=2H inside spline trail Da=80.

91mm, broach tine counts Z=39, pour horny height C=0.

4mm, pour horn to stop Ec=3 of the transverse tooth thickness that nod arc.

904mm. According to afore-mentioned formula calculable parameter of tine pouring wine cup is a broach: Measure K=10 of the number that cross tine, pour horn to measure 914" of angle A=46 ° , broach pours horny range to broach center to be apart from H=30.

78mm, 61.

56mm. Production carries out a proof, this correction calculation method is handy and practical. Through revising horny point of view, can make machine and be measured of involute spline broach more convenient, raise tine to cover corneous amount. CNC Milling