The laser that is based on digitlization to assemble dogs appearance measures application to consider

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In recent years, be based on digitlization to design production technology and laser to dog appearance digitlization surveys a system, use digitlization standard tool (DAM) the new harmonious method in replacing objective standard tool to make a process as the plane, in aviation production enterprise had received wide application [1-3] . Use laser to dog before appearance measures a system to undertake allowing to decide an installation to assembling tool, need dogs to laser appearance sets a station to undertake optimizing, dog with avoiding to adjust laser repeatedly of appearance set the position, improve work efficiency. Because assemble model wear a structure complex, dimension bigger, fixed position the amount is numerous, laser dogs appearance measures punctuation of eye of the optics in the process (OPT) many also, optical method is located very easily, clamping apparatus or keep out of the structure that prop up, accordingly, how be based on digitlization to assemble a technology to dog to laser appearance optics method undertakes interfering an analysis, dog in order to raise laser the measurement of appearance precision and efficiency, had become earnestly to want the issue of research. This task locates in what develop independently digitlization designs an optical eye punctuation system [on the early days foundation of 4] , dog to laser interference of appearance optics method detects the method made further research, be based on technology of CATIA2 second development, in the light of assemble model worn digitlization model, came true to dog to laser the fast analysis of problem of interference of appearance optics method and forecast. Digitlization measures installation technology to be based on laser to dog digitlization measures the tool of appearance to basically include 4 systems with installation technology: Digitlization is built model and assemble, design of digitlization of optical eye punctuation, laser dogs appearance sets a station to optimize [5] and laser dog appearance digitlization is measured (see a picture 1) . The plane ship-fitter that is based on CATIA V5 three-dimensional platform installs digitlization to build model and assemble a system to basically be used at what implementation digitlizes standard tool to build beforehand with assemble beforehand, it is the fundamental technology platform that digitlization measures installation. System of design of digitlization of optical eye punctuation is used " slant buy locates an outline - disperse is changed slant buy outline - the computation that all over all previous finds actor " basic method, have the reasonable setting of optical eye punctuation quickly in tool model, can output the coordinate data that OTP nods. Laser dogs appearance sets a station to optimize a system to change processing to can placing area disperse, undertake be searchinged quickly actorring or actress begging solving according to setting station principle to use genetic algorithm. Laser dogs appearance measures a system to nod those who undertake static state or trends to dog to some spatial motion, in order to get the dimensional coordinate of optical eye punctuation. In assembling tool to make a process, dog according to setting a station to optimize a system to obtain laser appearance is optimal set the position, measure into travel digitlization next with installation. Laser dogs appearance is the measuring instrument of large size industry that a kind of many course uses integratedly implement, its measure precision to basically suffer the effect of the precision that measures horn and range finding and environment, if pursue,2 are shown. Build corresponding technology to operate a standard, use every time before measuring, answer an instrument to undertake the spot is checked, judge the measurement at that time condition, carry out calibration regularly. Notable is, the plane is assembled model frame have a structure quite complex, dimension compares big, clamping apparatus and fixed position the amount is numerous, optical quantity of target check the number is a few or about a hundred wait for a characteristic, in measuring a process actually, laser dogs the optical method between appearance and optical eye punctuation often easy by model wear spare parts keep out, adjust laser to dog repeatedly with respect to need at this moment of appearance set the position, reset is changed measuring coordinate is, affected greatly assemble model wear the integral precision that measures installation, work efficiency also is reduced greatly. Accordingly, before if why dog in laser,appearance installation is measured, dog to laser ahead of schedule the unobstructed sex of appearance optics method undertakes analysis and detect, become a when tool perplexes to create staff in real work serious difficult problem. Apply as the development that digitlizes standard tool technology, through digitlizing a technology, this task is based on model frame three-dimensional assemble a model, dog in laser small system of geometry of optical method equivalent is built between appearance and optical eye punctuation, use a static state to interfere analytic method, undertake to optical method fast analysis and forecast. The fundamental collision that interference of Nextpage optical method analyses 1 interference detects (also call interference to analyse) existence static state detects detect with trends, to this task medium laser dogs appearance optics method detects, belong to a static state to detect limits, photograph contrast is easier. Current, collision detects main component is the method dimensional cent solution and surround law of box arrangement of ideas to wait for two kinds big [6] . Dimensional cent solution is used " the space is decomposed " method, decompose the space that build a model it is the standard unit with very small bulk, the CAD model in same to holding unit or photograph adjacent unit undertakes intersecting detecting. This method has memory to measure big, flexibility relatively the inadequacy such as difference, application is inferior to surrounding law of box arrangement of ideas extensive. Surrounded law of box arrangement of ideas to use " the hierarchy that establish record " method, use volume slightly big and geometrical appearance surrounds a box simply to approach complex CAD model, if the graph is shown 3 times, undertake begging making operation to surrounding a box, eliminate not to intersect quickly part, and be refined further surround a jackknife part, achieve a balance between real time sex and accuracy thereby. Interference of 2 optical method analyses methodological generally speaking, be based on fixed position system of design of digitlization of optical eye punctuation is in model frame after OTP is being built to nod in assembling a model, through dogging in laser appearance counts foothold and all OTP line segment is built between the dot, undertake through observing the position that set a station artificially intuitionistic rationality is judged, apparent, this kind of method gets accurate result very hard quickly. For this, this task used the following method: (1) means uses outside using a process [7] , apply GetObject method to regard an object as CATIA join and built-in (Object Linking And Embedding, OLE) , transfer VB program application; (2) the in-house function in using the circular statement of VB program to control CATIA, in all OTP dot and laser dog appearance builds line segment between several foothold, it is central axle with line segment, create area of a cut very small (it is in this system 0.

01mm2) cylinder replaces the light with equivalent, flow of interior of this pace program sees a picture 4; (3) use prototype of CATIA V5 electron (Digital Mock-Up, DMU) the space in module is analysed (Space Analysis) function, choice cylinder and model wear a model to undertake interfering an analysis, return detect result. The specific flow of this function sees a picture 5. After the development of Nextpage3 function and application are based on optical eye punctuation to digitlize design system to build reasonable OTP to nod, need undertakes laser dogs the job setting a station of appearance, use laser to dog before appearance sets a station to optimize a system to count foothold to undertake begging solving finding actor to setting a station, need inputs the coordinate of three dimensional space of OTP, because capacity of OTP check the number is very much, support is read artificially take efficiency very low, for this, this task developed what mass data nods to derive function, choose relevant several fortified point, if the data of output expresses 1 to show. Dog in laser appearance establishs station position in optimizing a process, tool production personnel may be right derived OTP data table, add according to real need, delete a few OTP, or alter its coordinate data, set a station to optimize after finishing, the OTP coordinate data after guiding is expressed. Laser was developed to dog on the foundation that this task looks in optics punctuation digitlizes design system interference of appearance optics method detects function. The CAD model that with some brief monotype wears is exemple, data-in watch establishs OTP point, undertook be operatinged actually applied, if pursue,as a result 6 are shown. The last word is based on laser to dog the assembly that appearance surveys a system wear digitlization to install production technology, raised the production precision of tool greatly, to produce eligible assembly the product offerred premise to ensure, also installed a process to put forward more accurate control to ask to assembling tool to measure at the same time. In the real work process that installs in the fixed position previously, dog to laser appearance places the position to often rely on individual intuition and much experience, undertake debugging repeatedly, as a result measured precision and efficiency to be affected badly. Dog in laser in the design process that appearance sets the position, laser dogs appearance sets a station to optimize a system to be model the guidance that wore installation personnel to offer fast, science, improved work efficiency. Dog in the light of laser between appearance and optical eye punctuation of sex of optical method unobstructed inchoate detect, nod in order to carry in front of except unreasonable positional data, the iteration in avoiding actual unit process of cargo bandling is debugged, this task is based on the interference of CATIA to analyse a function, put forward laser to dog the interference of appearance optics method analyses a method, the applied issue that to solve tool to make the laser in project practice dog appearance measures a system was offerred a kind of more effective fast analysis and detect method. CNC Milling