Main shaft of machining center report reachs drive system

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Especially accurate guide screw makes benefit peaceful gain limited company and Beijing triumphant main shaft of report of machining center of development of development of combination of limited company of strange numerical control and drive system. Exhibit this JS2D220-12/15XJ report main shaft, rated power is 15KW, m of · of rated torsion 98N, this report main shaft is used first in home outside water-cooling, the technology such as photoelectricity coder, volume is minor, moment of inertia is low, performance of low speed control is good, control precision is tall, low speed torsion is big, overload capability is strong, the biggest torsion can amount to 200N · M, control precision amounts to ± 0.

05 ° , rotate speed stops time urgently when 4000r/min not to exceed 0.

5s, this report main shaft and drive system are complete by domestic own research and development, have complete own property right, already labelled national level torch to plan new product, already formed 7.

The seriation product of 5kw ~ 40kw, can replace an entrance, the price is the 1/2 of foreign congener product about, for high-power high-grade report main shaft is in our country of machine tool course of study gain ground offerred high grade product. CNC Milling