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Good stuff drawing implement with the method that severs tie of cutting tool photograph it is a kind of cheap treatment way, can the time that little scope extends nobody to change turning to work, at the same time can managing one turns the position of the tower. Good stuff drawing implement the kind that ties with cutting tool photograph took up only the position of tower of a knife of lathe is strong makings drawing implement can not resemble the glassware on great ability be nobody to change turning treatment to offer more off hours in that way, can allow workshop unmanned condition however next continueing that work, win a few additional handling time in evening shift thereby, perhaps going up operator can let attend to at the same time when day shift much stage machine tool. Their charge takes in addition only of the glassware on great ability very small one part, and do not take up any floor spaces, also do not need to pass circuit and lathe join. Good stuff drawing implement installation is in of lathe turn tower locally, can use at pulling a paragraph of small good stuff to undertake turning is machined from inside lathe main shaft. When good stuff drawing implement after pincers clips the one aspect of the matter of good stuff, of lathe turn the tower shrinks back along Z axis, a send of will good stuff enters working area. Once be on that paragraph of good stuff,the turning that completes a part is mixed after cutting off, turn drawing of makings of tower general club implement graduation shrinks back again to good stuff locally. This one process repeats for many times, till till good stuff treatment is over. Use special drawing implement the problem is, they ask to have themselves together with all cutting tool turn tower position, in order to get used to all sorts of turning operations. Have a few companies, like Somma company (the Waterbury city that is located in administrative division of division of Kang Nie surname) contain good stuff drawing one kind when offer implement combine cutting tool with what cut off bit. Such, need to turn only the functional requirement that tower position expects with respect to OK and contented club drawing and spare parts are cut off. Cutting tool of this one combined-type does not need to be in cut off and go there and back between drawing adjust, decreased to machine periodic time thereby. After finishing a club to expect the turning that carries a department is machined, the bit type cutting tool of this device cuts off the work that has completed treatment from good stuff, in the meantime, good stuff drawing implement the upright department that pincers begins to clip good stuff. After once become,the spare parts is cut off completely, drawing implement pincers is complete clamp the top of good stuff. Next, turn the tower can shrink back, good stuff fixed position arrives the next time turning operates locally. The unit that Somma company place offers is adjustable, the limits that can place diameter of the makings that run a club is 0.

125 ~ 3.


17mm ~ 82.

55mm) . This device uses spring steel pincers, dilate hind relies on its clamping force to clip good stuff. If changed a new work, can pass pincers of a screw adjustment stretch degree. Screw every rotate to a week can make pincers outspread or contract 0.


5mm) . Using drawing of a good stuff implement when, the good stuff measure with new avery kind of should undertake modulatory in the round, in order to make its match completely with main shaft photograph. During debug, the fixed position of good stuff should maintain right amount distance with chuck, in order to facilitate the turning of the first spare parts is machined. After be being machined in the first workpiece, just begin first time club to expect drawing is operated. Process designing member the part that the good stuff that must decide some length beforehand needs to process how many amount, because of drawing implement itself won't issue signal to the control system of the machine tool, show good stuff has given out entirely. CNC Milling