Homebred CAD software brings an enterprise efficient design and safe double safeguard

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Current, the innovation development of manufacturing industry of information melt into provides new driving force. Meanwhile, information safety problem is increasingly outstanding, get attention fully. And in be being built as informatization important one annulus, CAD software technology or enterprise have one of main tools of design of product research and development, accordingly, the safety that how obtains information of data of efficient design application, safeguard through correct CAD type selecting becomes the urgent matter of enterprise CIO. One of professional camshaft manufacturers that home precedes by the market that use a car -- Chongqing on the west source camshaft limited company (the following abbreviation " Chongqing on the west source " ) hope CAD mechanical edition solved this one difficult problem successfully in application, achieve enormous integrated beneficial result. As we have learned, the camshaft that Chongqing Xi Yuansheng produces and product of form a complete set are used extensively in engine of car of company of domestic and international famous car, suffer domestic abroad client to approbate fully. Have sth in mind is efficient gender and security, on the west source first selection is homebred in look at CAD     " the informatization construction that we value a company very much, develop technological process from the product, and even final product yields, realized operation of informatization, automation, assured product quality and manufacturing efficiency thereby. " Li Gong of source IT ministry introduces Chongqing on the west, the blueprint paper that the proprietor of an enterprise should provide according to each car manufacturer undertakes relevant craft machines design and production to make, because this tastes quality and delivery cycle to having firm demand to producing, still must undertake keeping secret to blueprint data information at the same time. "Security and efficient sex also are two when we undertake CAD type selecting needs a consideration main problems. "   and home are other and large production company is same, chongqing on the west the source also goes to focusing of CAD software brand in look at CAD above, and be not foreign foreign brand. "Stem from the need with product confidential blueprint, we are willing morely to choose homebred software. " Li Gong points out: "Hope CAD is the software that we oneself own intellectual property in, can provide better safe safeguard for our enterprise! "   in addition, how does the function of CAD software concern to use the on any account of effect actually directly. Apparent, the success application example of the function that hopes CAD mechanical edition is powerful in and numerous enterprise already by Chongqing on the west source place is hep. Li Gong expresses: The integral character that CAD looks at in has achieved international advanced level, it is the CAD software of a mainstream, basically reflect in: Be over completely with the CAD software that uses before the enterprise and software of other and professional design compatible, make the blueprint resource that the enterprise accumulates likely continuance is used, the blueprint with car manufacturer is alternant smooth also without block. What have value more is, hope to be rolled out in the light of mechanical industry character in can simplify module of design stage major, and the use habit that interface and quick command fit our mainland engineer more, conduce to improve work efficiency. Popularize application in the round, hope CAD brings efficiency in big promotion is current, CAD mechanical edition looks in 2014 had been in the Technical Division of the source popularizes Chongqing in the round on the west application leaves come, and not negative people's expectations, help engineer solves difficult problem of a lot of design: "We discover it has powerful design function, and compatibility and flexibility are better, be over completely the use requirement that can satisfy us! " according to introducing, in a pair of blueprint the engineer often needs to undertake linear, pour horn, diameter, angle to wait for those who reach on 10 kinds of different sort to tag, and need undertakes often " command " switch. "Job of this share level held our many and valuable time, affect the promotion that designs efficiency and character! " engineers feedback, the support of intelligent standard system that CAD mechanical edition looks at in doubleclicks inquiry of editor, public errand, self-correcting to put the position to wait, can simplify substantially tag the job, "Straight impressions suffers these making at ordinary times plot efficiency rose 5 to 8 times " . Graph / in the tagging that looks at intelligence of CAD mechanical edition function as we have learned, the efficient sex that CAD mechanical edition looks at in returns body to assist implementation to design standardization now. Design station for the standard, unite industry standard, lower design error rate, chongqing the source undertook unity to designing software on the west, requirement the design environment of each engineers must " consistent " , pursue for example layer, line, font style, tag the style, style that print to wait a moment. In traditional CAD software, these design environments need a hand to move a setting entirely. The oldest corrupt practice that this kind of means brings is: The engineer needs to undertake many reduplicative set works, and custom-built process is used in the hand in appear easily accident. And the design level type that CAD mechanical edition looks at in using is reached newlier bale function, the enterprise needs to configure the design environment of one a complete set of according to company level on a computer only, be opposite through this function next these " configuration content " undertake baling, distribute again other the engineer is used, convenient and quick, true implementation designs unified configuration of the environment. Adscript: Be in as CAD technology the application of manufacturing industry is ceaseless and thorough, more and more enterprise users pay close attention to CAD software itself to provide some to design a function not only, to 2 development of software firm technical actual strength also has particular demand. Li Gongming expresses truly: This also is the another main reason that CAD looks at in our choice, current, both sides has begun to communicate advance stylist application more mathematical formula has 2 times developing cooperative, use requirement actually what will match enterprise and even trade further. Company record: Chongqing on the west source camshaft limited company, china multiplies the professional camshaft of the market that use a car to produce one of manufacturer, camshaft of lead position; and product of form a complete set are in to be used extensively in engine of car of company of domestic and international famous car in the industry, suffer domestic abroad client to approbate fully. Newest in look at CAD mechanical edition 2015 download: Http://www.



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