Car engine machines: Want beneficial result to cutting tool

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17% what the production cost of car engine occupies whole car to make cost. Want to reduce a car to make cost, must from cut down engine cost to begin. The article offers the solution of industry of a few tool. The Combustion Engine Accounts For 17% Of The Total Manufacturing Costs Of A Vehicle.

To Lower The Manufacturing Costs, it Is Important To Cut Down The Engine Cost.

How Can High Efficiency Be Achieved At Low Costs? Let ' S See What Cutting Tool Manufacturers Have To Offer.

Series of milling cutter of face of Yi Sika TANG MILL today, car manufacturer of the whole world people be in strive to produce more economy and more energy-saving car, they also have a lot of kind that cut cost, in order to achieve this one goal. In the light of take room, can choose new-style material; Be aimed at chassis, can make general-purpose, modular " platform " and more standard spare partses; To accessory and electronic parts, can the package with more nice research and development. According to statistic, the 2/3 that auto industry invests equips with what make at buying a car. Among them, cutting tool is the directest with by treatment spare parts " intimate contact " tool, its quality to end item is having very immediate effect with production cost. With the car production is exemple, of cutting tool use up 3% what occupy its to make cost only, but affect whole production cost however 25% more even. To this year 5, 0 by make a plan with the car for, if every component can save a minute of money, aux will be able to of industry of so whole automobile cuts the cost of 8 digit. Economy demand of Yan Ke, security asks, will tell to supplier of car a replacement, the more advanced treatment tool with urgent new need, be in cost, profit, efficiency, safe, energy-saving wait for the element place with a lot of complex numerous and complicated to twine " cobweb " in, enter piece " benefit " a road. Engine treatment: The crucial seat that reduces cost occupies the IRN of American Detroit, inc.

Company introduction, the operating costs of engine is occupied by 17% what always produce cost with the car, however not applicable however the cost of any above cuts way. And gasoline engine production, under photograph comparing, it is the craft in car production segment the most complex, component that asks cost of cost of the most rigorous, place is highest. Engine is produced independently for the enterprise commonly, the improvement that designing a respect is put in certain limitation. In the environment of the high temperature in be being used actually, high pressure, also decided engine can choose metallic stuff only. And even if uses the most advanced production technology, as a result of the engine oneself strict requirement to tolerancepublic errand, cannot avoid a metal to machine link anyhow, this also includes pair of cast-iron treatment among them. For example, machine columnar aperture, while purify of implementation tall metal is led, must make sure dimension public errand takes control to be in 0.

Inside 01mm, circularity and cylinder are spent (no matter relative value still is absolute value) when finish machining, form tolerancepublic errand is achieved 0.

001mm. The treatment of notional deep aperture that deep Kong Jia is versed in is to point to the long way of aperture to be versed in than be more than the Kong Jia of 10 times commonly. In the engine production of automobile industry classics regular meeting encounters deep Kong Jia to be versed in, in be being built like cylinder body, crock advocate oily aperture, the deep Kong Jia of crankshaft and connecting rod oily aperture is versed in. These deep aperture treatment produce medium difficulty and bottleneck working procedure just about. Be based on afore-mentioned reasons, in the workmanship with motor complex component, the treatment of engine crock aperture, become the bottleneck that breaks high cost, and how to reduce its to machine charge to also become each manufacturer people the direction of effort. The surface inside the aperture of a flight of stairs with a large number of differ dimension, complex structure and petty deep oily aperture, treatment precision demand is extremely high, this has a structure to machining all knives, advocate material of cutting blade appearance, cutting tool, coating and broke function of bits, platoon bits to raise taller specific requirement. Engine crock aperture machines a process to include 3 measure normally: Rough machining, semifinishing machining and finish machining. Break this to machine bottleneck, the result that produces cost to cut car is very remarkable. Shortened the treatment of an aperture is periodic, mean the rest 3, 5 or the treatment of 7 aperture is periodic cut (the amount of aperture depends on engine model) . Apply advanced cutting tool to promote Germany of cost of loss of efficiency plant of production of engine of a large car, when to its engine crock aperture undertakes machining, the first pace of cutting tool applies, it is sleeve of treatment GG25 casting pig, its will be pressed into cylinder body of casting aluminous engine. The opening that this labor situation needs to be deepness 138mm from 74.

50mm spread is wide to 76.

10mm. Although should be versed in pace name is " boring crock aperture " , treatment process is close to the boring mill at perpendicular direction more however; Final diameter makes hole of crock of basis of cutting tool diameter, the means of feed of edge Z axis ensured the tall coaxial that machines aperture is spent. When first treatment, this factory uses special cutting tool to finish rough machining and semifinishing machining. Rough machining and semifinishing machining working procedure all hold the CBN bit that takes 5 blade to be finished to the milling cutter of fixed knife chamfer by clip. Treatment cycle is as long as 16.

6 S; The cutting tool of two labor situation is keeping clear of also behave very not ideally on the issue that cuts bits, and to cutting bits again cutting, go against finish machining, and can wear away cutting blade. This car manufacturer hopes to get sexual price compares taller replacement scheme: On original technology base, seek more reliable treatment way, shorten considerably treatment is periodic, assure the quality of workpiece surface. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the solution that company of Yi Sika cutting tool offers for its is two kinds of means that hold clip are used on same cutter hub, clip is held take bit of coating hard alloy, form of a kind of blade holder is used at rough machining, form of another kind of blade holder is used at semifinishing machining. Parallel of razor blade of 4 rough machining is held at clip of cutting tool end face in fixed knife chamfer. Perpendicular clip holds razor blade of 3 semifinishing machining at adjustable type blade holder, knife of distributinging Yu Xi is circumferential. Group of rough machining razor blade makes an appointment with reaming diameter 1.

00mm; Diameter of reaming of group of semifinishing machining razor blade 0.

6mm. Cooling spray orifice arrives directly at point of bit cutting blade inside cooling fluid by, discharge bits effectively in order to ensure. For pare brace up quiver, group of semifinishing machining razor blade distributings with unsymmetrical means at circumferential. In the meantime, establish outfit razor blade, bit and pitch circle are shown tangential arrange and rather than perpendicular show radiative shape installation at pitch circle. Its principle is to make advocate cutting force points to the thickest razor blade sectional raise every sword thereby carrying capacity. Cutting load points to cutter hub continuously, decreasing effectively brace up while get longer cutting tool life. In addition, bit establishs outfit clip to hold, bolt is avoided pull stress at bearing, can ensure cutting treatment is more reliable. In addition, yi Sika passes the machine tool that analyses a client to install, update cutting parameter, will seek the element that treatment cycle shortens. Yi Sika did not change the rotate speed of the machine tool, still be 1, 500 Rpm, cutting speed Vc=360 M/min, bit every blade moves except material 0.

50 Mm. However feed from 0.

07 Mm/ tine rose 0.

10 Mm/ tine, promote workbench feed and feed rate significantly then. After the new technology try out of a few months, this car manufacturer discovers, use the tailor-made cutting tool of research and development of Yi Si Kaxin, the cycle that crock aperture machines shortened than before 44% . Take the engine of 4 crocks aperture, below identical cutting condition, the rough machining of each crock aperture is compound semifinishing machining from arrive formerly 16.

6 S shortens 9 present.

2 S. In the meantime, the cutting tool measure that in machining a process, adopts also drops greatly, help user reduced bit to use up. Once needed the labor situation of respective cutting tool, use a cutting tool to be able to complete treatment at the same time nowadays. Save unexpectedly, besides because of razor blade of coating hard alloy relatively CBN razor blade more economy; Still establish outfit clip to hold as a result of bit, make blade of cutting of every razor blade more, prolonged cutting tool life effectively jointly. As the another important part of engine, the aperture that connecting rod and crankshaft and piston pin cooperate asks to have very tall precision, use the treatment technology of aperture of boring of thick boring, essence of life, bore with a reamer and polish more, among them precision of aperture of bore with a reamer and difficulty are highest. Manufacturer of some car component is machining connecting rod is big Kong Shi, the new-style X-Fix big diameter that used hill tall cutting tool ages more reamer. Using the discovery in the process, the diameter of this reamer enclothes limits to arrive from 40mm 155mm, can win IT6 class noncombatant duty, use very convenient. And the gear ratio of this reamer is the same as more of type cutting tool, included 3, 5, 7, number of 4 kinds of 9 tine, rose to machine efficiency greatly; And extraordinary stability is reliable in process of cutting tool treatment, reduced finished cost greatly. The client is very satisfactory to this. Gao Dao has the mountain of reamer of much tine of XFix big diameter of hill tall cutting tool (Shanghai) not long ago of Wang Wei of limited company CTO is in 2011 Shanghai university introduced to the expert scholar that attend the meeting on advanced workmanship and seminar of cutting tool technology hill is this tall X-Fix is new-style reamer is in. According to introducing, this reamer realized highest feed, highest function and highest precision successfully 3 person union. Its are used modular structural arbor, of the wide range that takes Capto and Graflex system receive senior staff series, can come true be as high as 6.

The bore with a reamer of 5X D cuts deepness, the pours awl to be made by nicety bit of reamer offer, because this need not undertake,adjust. X-Fix reamer provides those who have 8 cutting blade to be able to turn for bit, every razor blade enclothes diametical limits to arrive from 40mm 155mm; Use at the much tine of tall feed function, implementation high yield measures treatment. Want to install a diameter, rely on a bolt to be able to secure bit only, and the setting value that should learn exclusively is 25 μ M. The preload that wins patent directs a stability that the system can assure cutting process, ensure honest cutting tool life. The quality that processes an operation and security are able to assure, and simplified management of cutting tool cost. To reduce inventory, the user can is opposite all Xfix (from the diameter 31.

5 to 60.

5 Mm) use identical bit and need not grind again. The low cost of every blade dropped stable cutting tool life, newest film technology and bit greatly the cost that XfixTM bore with a reamer cuts treatment. CNC Milling