Multitask of nicety of fixed position bridge class is designed into the model

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The fixed position bridge that 1 introduction plan shows 1 times serves as some model the main bridge in low electric equipment receives a part, divide outside assembling a relation to go up to have fixed position effect to other structural member, still have product report function to change a function, and its head is shown outside the product, exterior quality demand is accordingly higher also. Because goods lot is big, assemble automatically on automation line, friend is high also to one of requirements that send a gender. Because this is contented production lot and quality requirement, in multitask when class is designed into the model, combine plant technology level, plan of reasonable protocol figuration and optimize mould structure, realizing efficient serial production while, ensured each quality character reachs its consistency. Craft of figuration of 2 spare partses is analysed by the graph 1 know, spare parts over all dimension is not big, overall submit Z form, be in with how perpendicular bend, when figuration easy mutual interference, spare parts not only dimension precision demand is high, among them 18.

9 ± 0.

04mm and 10.

After dimension must bend via two, 8mm is obtained, its precision assures reason harder, and form tolerancepublic errand demand is high also, the angle public errand that curves appearance individually is less than ± 0.

5 ° . In the meantime, the spare parts has 3 place to bend to belong to long and thin arm or slant buy (asymmetry of sinuosity outline appearance) bend, as a result of figuration attrition and material flow the action of not equal element, screwy phenomenon produces the likelihood when bend and affect figuration quality. Be like pair of spare parts rears the figuration of appearance of 1 ~ 4mm, because its submit long and thin form and asymmetry, fold a turn paragraph short, accordingly, when figuration program protocol and mould structure are designed, need to consider morely to ensure quality of each sinuosity figuration reachs stability. Additional, the edge is sought even in the graph 15.

4mm dimension develops its head after cutting into parts, acquire another kind of part of this range of products namely, lv of take an examination is in reason to finish the production of two kinds of different spare partses with deputy mould. Graph 2 develop a plan for the spare parts, as a result of its the head has one 45 ° to press inclined, reason this dimension should decrease appropriately when computation spreads out length. Graph 1 spare parts belongs to small-sized and accurate stamping workpiece, look from structural appearance, figuration craft sex is poorer, but because material is thick T =0.

The T2 tin-plating copper of 8mm is taken, punch function and figuration stability are good, accordingly, via reasonable arrangement figuration order and stable carrier are installed and be united in wedlock but the mould structure of * , can ensure figuration quality, can use multitask thereby class takes modular take shape. Protocol of program of figuration of 3 spare partses is known by above analysis, because the spare parts curves figuration place is much, accordingly, reasonable arrangement each form figuration is ordinal, when avoiding figuration, be interfered each other and optimize carrier to install the key that is figuration of spare parts order. Because process of protocol of program of technology of spare parts figuration also is mould structure,the design optimizes a process, when appearance is designed, reason platoon should integrate spare parts structure, the mould will produce two kinds of parts and make carrier reasonable especially the setting is considered integratedly by the element such as the particular case such as limitation and plant technology level, accordingly, in its outline appearance when decomposing, should notice to rush first cut into parts belt among makings appearance, take the oriented length with more inside the model material and stable carrier in order to obtain. Figuration is versed in arrangement should be centered as far as possible, reduce the setting of aperture of the abdicate on pattern plate thereby, with benefit at increasing mould strength. What still should achieve share of figuration of the strong dispenses that cut a ministry into parts as far as possible on the whole is relatively detached, facilitating mould writtens guarantee compose is designed. Interpose considers at above, protocol the figuration that the graph shows 3 times discharges appearance plan. By the graph 3 know, this figuration plan is versed in by 17 the figuration; of a spare parts that finish is in among them in all the 1st labour, strong cut into parts guide aperture while still arranged a part of each alveolus strong cut into parts, use side edge to rush cut into parts acquired a part corresponding outline. In the 2nd to the 7th labour arranged figuration outline to rush cut into parts, when each are decomposed to what cut form aperture into parts, consider to develop central outline first as far as possible, increase belt expect the oriented length inside the model and carrier are rigid, facilitate mold insert is designed, optimize mould structure. The 8th labour for the 45 ° of spare parts head cold Dui presses inclined figuration, the 9th labour install an edge 15.

4mm dimension develops the punch that cut into parts, carry this punch, realize the yield of different to two kinds spare parts. The 10th labour arranged two place to curve figuration, in obtaining part drawing 8.

8mm dimension, make 10.

8 ± 0.

Of 04mm dimension beforehand figuration, room of situation of the 11st labor. The 12nd labour be opposite through bending downward 9.

2mm dimension is made beforehand figuration, the 13rd labour for room. The 14th labour 10 what upsweep acquires a part.

8 ± 0.

04mm and 9.

The dimension such as 2mm. The 15th labour make slightness of spare parts rear figuration bends below the arm. Finish a spare parts to curve figuration each so far, be in the 16th with the 17th labour after detached carrier, above gives a means to acquire a part. In this plan, except need figuration outline part to rush first outside cutting into parts, outline of spare parts the others all is cut into parts in figuration fullback, tigidity of carrier of reason platoon appearance is good, and belt expect oriented inside the model distance is long, each labour send into smooth, but * . Because discharge appearance plan to consider to produce two kinds of parts, reason is producing another edge 15.

When 4mm dimension develops the part that decides the head, can make overall material utilization factor is reduced, but after be being assessed integratedly with the respect element such as production lot in combinative patternmaking cost, think this plan still is more reasonable design. 4 moulds structure is designed 4.

1 pattern is overall structural blueprint compose of the 4 recognizance that it is a model, the mould uses structure of 3 board type on the whole, oriented system by assemble in discharge board 4 2 guide pillar that go up and assemble in fluctuation model composition of one word bearing. Discharge board adopts dragoon system 3 with upper mould the part is flexible connection, when punch works, implementation is opposite of material first the discharge when impaction fullback judges figuration and return trip. Maintain to facilitate the adjustment when making is mixed, the mould uses mold insert form on sunken model point not only, and the discharge of corresponding form aperture board also use mold insert form with fixed head, if pursue 4 in 11 are shown. Because spare parts structure and the abdicate inside the model ask, the float momentum that material float sends is bigger, reason mould uses the float that sends into the float with lesser attrition to sell the data that finish to send into. In the meantime, the mould still installed the check of photoelectricity type safety that material sends to survey plant 6. Additionally the spare parts is used after detached flotsam on give a form to give a model, the mould installed reason to reduce air passageway system 9, after spare parts and carrier are detached, by outside compressing air to boast its a standard. 4.

Because the mould will produce two kinds of parts of same set,the 2 orgnaizations that change a pattern introduce, reason mould designed punch switch plant. The basis produces need, pursue through adjusting 4 in double snail fills in 7 sell the position of 8 with impaction, controallable the working circumstance of punch. Need to produce an edge namely 15.

When 4mm dimension develops the part that decide, can sell impaction punch through snail a place of strategic importance and impaction, make its develop spare parts head cut away. Need production to be the first when the spare parts, a place of strategic importance of loose snail is particular the journey, make punch does not attend strong cut into parts, realize the production of two kinds of spare partses thereby. This orgnaization is simple but * , and do not occupy mould space, the operation is convenient, actual application proof is practical. 4.

The design specification of 3 figuration mold insert restricts inconvenience to be versed in at plastic is being installed inside the model as a result of spare parts structure, curve figuration angle error to control each, each figuration mold insert all installed figuration protruding muscle on the line that fold a turn, the plasticity deformation that curves the material on the line through increasing will control spring back, offer the role after figuration in proper place, ensure angle public errand asks thereby. Because spare parts rear is long and thin arm and slant buy (asymmetry) place curve figuration to will produce twist (after figuration 1.

5mm dimension hangs down downward) , reason installed spacing piece on the sunken model mold insert of its figuration, in order to control its figuration direction, win neat figure. Additional, be versed in considering L0 a figuration when, because take,expect carrier of the side that it is sheet and joint material is long and thin, easy cause carrier tigidity difference and figuration place to slant to it buy, because be out of shape,at the same time attrition will not cause spare parts head equably askew, reason is pushed in its discharge piece on set structure of auxiliary fixed position, if pursue,5 are shown. What be pulled through pushing a stage of fixed position protruding that go up to because suffer,limit material and cause is deflective, made sure the appearance public errand of the spare parts asks. 5 last words are finished on UGII as a result of mould design, use the compound technology building a model with powerful UGII, undertake designing to the mould, and can assemble a function to undertake interference and clearance are checked through its, seasonable discovery designs medium inadequacy and can undertake correction through parameter, rose to design quality not only, and convey through the network line cut program, avoided to make mistake artificially. CNC Milling