The contrast of machine of the Laser Cutting in Sheet Metal Fabrication and equipment of conventional numerical control

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As the application of Laser Cutting, craft of Sheet Metal Fabrication got flying development thereby, brought revolutionary concept to Sheet Metal Fabrication. Regard cut of traditional Ban gold as equipment, basically give priority to with numerical control equipment, include to cut cut of cut of bed, punching machine, blaze, water of Plasma Cutting, high pressure to wait a method a moment, so is Laser Cutting machine compared with its what advantage is there? Our one by one comes to everybody introduction below. (Numerical control) because its are main,cutting a bed is to cut out point-blank, although can one knife trims the board that is as long as 4 meters, but it can be used on the Sheet Metal Fabrication that needs sharp cut only only. Use in plank to leave commonly after making the same score, cut out in waiting to need the industry of sharp cut merely. (numerical control / turn tower) punching machine had more flexibility on curvilinear treatment, there can be one to cover in a punching machine or the drift of many square, circle or other and special requirement, can process an a few specific Ban gold work, the commonnest is industry of box machine ark, the treatment craft that they ask basically is linear, the cut of and so on of square aperture, round hole, design is secured relatively simply. What they basically face is the carbolic stencil steel under 2mm, width of cloth is in commonly 2.

5m × 1.

25m. Ply is in 1.

The stainless steel of 5mm above because material qualitative viscosity is too big expend a mould quite, do not use punching machine commonly. Its advantage is right simple logo and laminose treatment rate are rapid, defect is the ability when strong large board finite, although can rush,also be workpiece surface has cave in, cost mould, mould development cycle is long, cost is high, flexible change rate not quite tall. Abroad exceeds the treatment of armor plate cut of 2mm above to use more contemporary Laser Cutting commonly, and do not use punching machine, a large board develop quality of the surface when cutting not tall, second strong large board needs the punching machine of bigger tonnage, waste resource, the noise when 3 strong large board is too big, go against environmental protection. Because its investment is low,blaze cut regards first traditional cut as means, the past is not tall to machining quality to ask, the working procedure that a machine treatment adds again when the demand is too high can be solved, the market retains the amount is very large. It basically uses cut to exceed the large board of 40mm now. Its defect is the heat when cut is out of shape too big, kerf is too wide, waste material, machine speed moreover too slow, suit rough machining only. Plasma Cutting and careful Plasma Cutting follow blaze cut similar, hot influence area is too large, precision is bigger than blaze cut however a lot of, speed also has the flight of quantitative class, became the main force that medium plate machines. Home top class numerical control is careful of the actual cut precision of Plasma Cutting machine go up the floor level that the line had reached Laser Cutting, 2 meters of many minutely rate were achieved when stencil steel of cut 22mm carbon, and cut end panel is smooth level off, rake is best controallable in 1.

5 degrees in, defect is in cut the heat when thin stencil steel is out of shape too big, rake is bigger also, helpless when precision demand is high, running stores is relatively costly. High-pressured water cut is the cut that corundum adulterates to execute pair of Ban gold in using efflux of high speed water, it does not have limitation almost character to material, the ply of cut also can amount to 100mm above almost, it is OK also that the material of easy blowout when waiting for the cut that use heat to pottery and porcelain, glass pledges cut, the knife of water of material of tall to laser reflex such as copper, aluminium is OK of cut, and Laser Cutting has bigger obstacle however. The defect of water cut is treatment rate is too slow, too dirty, not environmental protection, running stores is taller also. Laser Cutting is the technology revolution of Sheet Metal Fabrication, it is Sheet Metal Fabrication is medium " machining center " . Laser Cutting is flexible change rate tall, cut rate is rapid, manufacturing efficiency is tall, the product produces cycle weak point, gained wide market for the client. Laser Cutting does not have cutting force, treatment is not had be out of shape; Wear away without cutting tool, material adaptability is good; No matter be simple complex still spare parts, can use laser cut of accurate and fast figuration; Its are cut seam narrow, cut quality rate of good, automation is high, the operation is handy, labor intensity is low, without pollution; Can realize cut to discharge appearance automatically, set makings, raised overall material utilization factor, manufacturing cost is low, economic benefits is good. The effective lifetime of this technology is long, exceed compose in abroad at present the plank of 2 millimeter uses Laser Cutting mostly, the expert of a lot of abroad thinks consistently henceforth 30-40 year the gold period that is development of technology of laser beam machining (the direction that is development of Sheet Metal Fabrication) . CNC Milling