Grinding of CBN of numerical control grinder applies

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One, the question that exists in application of grinding of CBN of numerical control grinder is right the characteristic of itself of CBN grinding application and development rule understanding are insufficient, how developing a field correctly, blind act, a lot of practices do not accord with its characteristic and rule, subjective do not accord with objective. Outstanding performance is in quality of level of social demand, science and technology, personnel 3 person the development presence that uses itself with CBN grinding is great and contradictory. In guide in real work is being reached on direction, one-sided emphasis the advanced sex that CBN grinding uses and advantage, and of all sorts of technology measures that in despising CBN application, need complete surely. The occasion uses in a few effective promotion, in every respect below the case that the condition does not have, go highbrowly popularizing applied CBN grinding, the use that causes CBN emery wheel is achieved expect the result, contusion destroyed with die out use manufacturer is opposite the enthusiasm of use CBN emery wheel and interest. Because this brings about CBN,the development of grinding application is like person meaning very much. The weakness that fundamental sex application studies already became the main factor that restricts CBN grinding to use development. 2, the countermeasure that CBN grinding technique develops effectively is in the job, everything from set out actually, extract arm effect and develop CBN grinding mainly to apply guiding principle. Show level, camshaft of my company numerical control already chose CBN grinding technology in the round, in Jackie the grinder of the CBN emery wheel that applies in machine tool product has: Grinder of camshaft of full numerical control, exceed high speed to follow use grinding machine, along with use grinding machine of numerical control crankshaft, grinding effect beautiful. CNC Milling