Of Laser Cutting dynamic function rise

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Laser beam welding of robot pilot Remote receives a technology besides use laser of scanning device control character to shoot bundle besides motion, still ask Laser Cutting protects aeriform cutting torch to have very tall dynamic property. Compare with photograph of cutting torch of traditional without add coordinate pilot Laser Cutting, new technology but 60 % control managing man-hour. As the ceaseless progress of technology of metallic laser beam machining, can use normally when the data of Laser Cutting metal that uses high-energy amount now taller than wanting 5 years ago a lot of feed speed. But because mobile component quality is greater, even if the feed rate that the Laser Cutting equipment of high dynamic performance uses possibly when sharp cut also the academic career of cut of outline of short of great majority. For example, when using the electric board such as core of rotor of electromotor of cut of Laser Cutting equipment, stator, average cut speed is 20m/min; And theoretic the ultimate feed speed of the Laser Cutting that can come true is 100m/min (see a picture 1) . The further research and development that shoots bundle of quality as laser and rise, this one difference still increases apparent ground. Accordingly, although allow to have the linear drive of Laser Cutting with very high feed rate,direct orgnaization, but the matter that designs a respect as a result of dynamic function, its transfer more the feed rate that control of contrail of outline of line, small body can achieve got restrict apparently. The acceleration increment that causes as a result of acceleration is a main influencing factor, it makes dynamic orbit control got very big impact. The change of acceleration is not the change of bouncing type, increase along with time however and rise, suffer the effect of acceleration increment, this was brought about in shorter cut outline, machine tool reference axis often its highest acceleration is worth short of, cannot come true to undertake acceleration campaign according to highest acceleration. The acceleration increment limiting value that guarantee against happening hits suffers the effect of actuating device itself on one hand, also be on the other hand by considered exterior factor and what the limiting value of machine tool parameter of set decides. The limitation that exterior condition raises to acceleration is very necessary, so that reduce vibration of machine tool machinery to be opposite the influence of drive system, the oriented precision that avoids pair of laser heads produces negative effect. The drive feed that accepts acceleration restriction is current, equipment of laser beam machining is to pass the acceleration that feed should carry out to each reference axis to try to restrict. As a result of its action, below circumstance of most cut outline, the athletic speed of reference axis of machine tool of laser beam machining is very inaccessible the ultimate rate that sets beforehand. The velocity relationship curve that the graph shows right angle of workpiece of the treatment when to contain and do not contain increment of acceleration of reference axis feed to be in motion is apart from limitation and acceleration limitation 2 times to be in. Solder in the industrial robot 2001 in research, academy of IWS suddenly Lun Huofu is in through scanning system in the robot compositive when refer to this problem definitely; Apparent land improved the treatment speed of the robot and treatment quality. When laser beam welding is received, differ somewhat with Laser Cutting: The manufacturing treatment rate that keeps constant as far as possible in each solder contact place and as far as possible time of short fixed position campaign. The robot Remote nowadays solders facility is already complete the robot (space, flexibility) with scanning system (dynamic, precision) the orbit campaign that advantage classics intelligence changes and automation control are united in wedlock together. When NextpageLaser Cutting, even if in the ultimate rate that cut also should achieve a technology to allow when the workpiece of complex outline, so that dig the manufacturing latent capacity of laser technology adequately. Soldering robot control Remote when the technology of equipment transfers philtrum of Laser Cutting machine, must want to do farther technology to improve, use scanning technology namely the gas of Laser Cutting protection of add high dynamic performance shoots bundle of motion to undertake controlling to laser. Gas of Laser Cutting protection is protecting laser to shoot bundle of focusing to be in working area, in order to assure reliable fused data. Through old research, current Remocut technology had contained a variety of different Remote cut technique, can divide the cut of Remote metalloid material that protects gas to not have according to be being waited for by cut material, use cut gas (Remocut-NM) , do not use protective gas, plate material ply 0.

The cut of Remocut metal stuff of 7mm (Remocut-M) with use protection gas, the cut of metal of Remocut protection gas of 4mm of plate material ply (Remcut-MG) . Reduce advocate the greatest peak value is machining the acceleration of coordinate movement rod in using optical system, compositive additional reference axis system can be reduced advocate the acceleration increment peak value of coordinate movement rod and feed acceleration peak value. When cut, along advocate the motion of reference axis is what according to workpiece geometry outline accurate contrail undertakes is hard transfer motion, meanwhile, the compositive auxiliary coordinate in produce and processing optical system is fastened (scanning system and nozzle system) can undertake compensating to the deviation of academic contrail corrective. Such, limits is nodded in crucial transition inside advocate the motion of reference axis needs appreciably decelerate to be able to be in only its realize downy contrail to transfer inside the limits of dynamic function. Not only shortened greatly cut machines man-hour, the machine that still dropped whole device apparently is laden, rose effectively relevant yuan of service life of parts of an apparatus. In addition, the dynamic function of nozzle of cut protection gas still decided additional system (laser shoots bundle of control and nozzle to assist control) mechanical function. Use direct actuating device and match each other, athletic speed passed optimized shunt-wound motion to achieve higher nozzle trends performance possibly still. In system of compositive in machining consumed to learn a system auxiliary reference axis (see a picture 3) , the acceleration value when acceleration increment is 7000m/s3 is 80m/s2 (be in when acceleration increment 500 ~ between 1200m/s3 when, the tradition directs index of typical and dynamic function is: Acceleration 10 ~ 25m/s2) . After the work area that fastens to dynamic function and add coordinate undertook optimal balance is allocated, laser shoots bundle of integral trends performance that points to workpiece to be able to be fastened with dynamic reference axis all (nozzle) was united in wedlock. This kind mutiple level function matchs, by advocate reference axis, scanning reference axis (the motion of bouncing type on workpiece) the much axis that forms with nozzle reference axis matchs a system to grinding currently to IWS academy the orbit control software of hair, experiment raised very tall requirement. Meanwhile, synchronism is returned to have the strategic program research and development of systems of pair of new-style device control character in IWS academy, so that realize Laser Cutting,the high dynamic performance of oriented axis is controlled. Compare with the conventional Laser Cutting device that does not have add reference axis, can have gone up in the cut of complex outline now managing the man-hour of 60 % , along advocate the motion of reference axis direction is more smooth also. But of the requirement with manufacturing because the market is at present right more agile process and possibility rise ceaselessly, the market still cannot accept the facility of laser beam machining of system of reference axis of this kind of coupling extensively. Below the help that controls technology and major to optimize in CAD/CAM tool software, contrail, the systematic solution of innovation sex ensured the possibility that uses extensively. CNC Milling