Dalian machine tool is given priority to with me make aircraft carrier of Chinese machine tool

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On October 12, the garden of numerical control machine tool industry that group of Dalian machine tool is located in harbor of double D of Dalian economy developing zone (first phase project) complete put into production. The complete of this project is great opportunity exits the urban district not just, enter the district change of industrial garden area, it is to pass more the big reform that undertakes with this synchronism, big transform, recombine greatly, to realize an enterprise " make aircraft carrier of Chinese machine tool, strong look forward to of machine tool of bound of ascend one's life experience " the target built solid platform. To having the great opportunity of 50 old histories for, this covers an area of 330 thousand square metre, investment 5.

600 million yuan of built modern new plant area, indicate move great opportunity is entered new phase of round of full-scale development. Inside this industry garden, one flickering is beautiful the white workshop of air, the green lawn of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, one discharges brand-new and shiny advanced equipment, clear show this Asia what the biggest machine tool produces base is exuberant opportunity of survival. Before implementation invests main body diversity a few years, the way of the reform that has taken with numerous state-owend enterprise is same, great opportunity passed billabong of depletion of numbers, advocate complementary depart a series of " labor pains " , cast off predicament eventually. But property right not clear, authority duty is unidentified the biggest obstacle that waits for a lot of deep administrative levels to contradict to still become an enterprise to develop. Great opportunity leader begins at the beginning of last year oneself bold the innovation that undertook system go up, change by state-owned and solely invested company make for group of mainstay of state-owned, industry and foreign investor multivariate the company of mixture system of ownership of capital share, city of rate preexistence Dalian is state-owned the implemented system smoothly to go up fundamental change in big company. Those who invest main body diversity build, kept clear of thoroughly the obstacle on system, farther standard legal entity administers a structure, build contemporary company system truly. At the same time 1.

The investment of increment of 200 million yuan of capital stock quickened the pace of enterprise technical reformation, the garden of numerical control machine tool industry that builds modernization for the enterprise provided capital support. Annual produce will amount to 22 billion yuan " make aircraft carrier of Chinese machine tool, strong look forward to of machine tool of bound of ascend one's life experience " not be cerebra of great opportunity leader one heat calls the catchword that go out, be determined to want the end of implementation however. Should be in weak point in time of a few years by home big look forward to is stridden to international strong look forward to, "Dozens small small be troubled by " transforming is far insufficient, only pair of old plant area, old equipment, backward technology, conventional technology undertakes be transforminged thoroughly, ability assures the successful implementation of the target. For this, great opportunity captures an enterprise to remove transformed good luck, the industrial garden division that in Dalian economy developing zone double D harbor built to accuse product industrialization base to comprise by two countries progression. If say garden of numerical control machine tool industry,the complete put into production of first phase project is great opportunity is in already the remount on some foundations a high table, so the base of property of component of numerical control function in intense construction (2 period project) it is great opportunity a new start, also be a new economic point of growth. Because our country is current,the functional component of numerical control machine tool relies on an entrance in great quantities, the functional part that home produces no matter amount or quality, cannot satisfy market demand far. Aim at this one huge potential market, great opportunity and abroad's well-known big company together, guard of high speed slideway, outside defend and discharge bits implement, the numerical control such as electric machinery of drive of main shaft of the library of machining center knife, manipulator that change a knife, report and numerical control system, servo, servo the manufacturing settle of functional component goes to machine tool key garden of industry of numerical control machine tool. These products are with introducing the advanced technique is given priority to, cooperative object is the international such as the United States, Germany, Japan company of well-known component of numerical control function. By at present the market goes situation forecast, after these product put into production, can satisfy partial home requirement already, but 50% exit. Current, these projects end basically already, some already formed small lot production, this two large base are amounted to entirely postpartum, can realize annual produce 22 billion yuan. Give priority to with me " the whole world orders dishes " domestic company is joined abroad although not be new issue,exhibit, but the identity with transnational corporation, and be in of 500 much square metre exhibit go up to be produced showpiece taste objective, this is in our country industry of machine tool tool is scarce, great opportunity is on the exhibition of machine tool of American Chicago international that just ends greatly " scene " , DMTG (the English abbreviate of group of Dalian machine tool) not only mark is on the coverall of great opportunity person, also mark was in the United States that great opportunity buys of Ingersoll exhibit and join the machine tool that exhibit to go up. This one phenomenon, drew the attention of American a lot of media, a few reporters interview great opportunity leader in succession, a newspaper of American still calls this " Chinese phenomenon " . DMTG is the brand that great last year opportunity applies for to register in abroad, this brand replaced a tradition " DJC " (" big machine tool " abbreviate of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) , arrive from abbreviate of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet English abbreviate, this is not simple symbolic change, however the mark of strategy of great opportunity executive internationalization. In the process that marchs toward the world at a stride, "Give priority to with me " the bright characteristic that is strategy of great opportunity internationalization. Have do not build a plant in abroad at other company or get joint-stock cooperation with the foreign country, great opportunity importunate is " give priority to with me " principle, no matter be to go wholy-owned to buy foreign big company, still come in please joint-stock establish factory and cooperative production, "Give priority to with me " the principle cannot change. After great opportunity buys American flower case to all alone Er produces system and crankshaft treatment system, the intangible assets such as 96 of this world-renowned big company brand that have 9 technology, patent technologies and this company only puts in great opportunity 's charge entirely all. Because the Germany that is as top class as the world level no matter takes a gram this of the company joint-stock, the England of business of production of the as biggest as the world still lathe the collaboration of 600 groups, the partner of 10 whole worlds that great opportunity chooses is the big company of international tip level. China and foreign countries is joint-stock the plant that build, the share of great opportunity is in 70% above. This kind is given priority to with me " the whole world orders dishes " of type buy, joint-stock, collaboration makes the dominant product of great opportunity caught up with entirely not only international is advanced level, still widened greatly international market. After buying company of Er of all alone of American flower case a year short much time, great opportunity had offerred many when comprise by machining center of nearly 100 high speed for company of domestic and international car engine production flexible production product line. This year March, company of Shanghai general motors holds the international invite public bidding of high speed machining center, the Sino-US collaboration company of great opportunity, use oneself technology and price dominant position, beat the competitor of Japan and Germany, with one action wins the bid, realized first time of machining center of homebred high speed to be hit into world top-ranking car to make the wish of the enterprise. CNC Milling